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22 February 2015


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Peter C

Too funny, those job apps. On a serious note, the line up of who is going to advise Jeb Bush if he makes it to the Presidency is truly tone deaf. Paul Brimmer is but one of the returning cast.



This is terribly sexist. Jihad Jane won't even make it through the application process due to all the male privilege out there.



Jeb or Hillary or any of the other candidates will result in the same cast of characters running the show. I'm not sure if it's tone deaf anymore. It seems our political elites have the same well that they dip into as they don't know any better or in their lofty circles they can only associate with other cognoscenti. Until the American voter decides to get past the duopoly we'll be on the hamster wheel.

different clue


The cage is functionally locked. The American voter will have to gnaw our way through the bars before we can escape the hamster wheel.

Patrick Bahzad

Good one ! Always keep a certain sense of humour ... nicely done, you sure they not real apps ;-)


Poor Ms. Harf is having a truly bad week. Now she has been outed as politically unreliable.


ex-PFC Chuck

In the latest post to his blog, William Pfaff says that Merkel and Hollande got together and shut down the USA plan to have NATO supply arms to Ukraine. Is anyone here aware of this? I haven't heard a peep about it elsewhere except as an aside on a financial blog. If true, more power to them. It's a disturbing time when we have to hope that countries that have been our allies for decades take a step back from us in order to try to protect our leadership from its own stupidity.

Babak Makkinejad

So, the Barons finally revolted?

Charles I

Perhaps they wouldn't mind if only the fighting was to be somewhere else.


IS is seeding its own destruction as a state by killing all the industrial and agricultural workers, mostly apostates like the Egyptian Copts, even a rudimentary civilization depends on. Who's going to maintain the plant when IS only attracts "excitable boys?" There is nothing exciting in working an oil rig.

Peter C

Jack, at times the feeling that the U.S. is on the downward slope gets feeling too real.


"we have to hope that countries that have been our allies for decades take a step back from us in order to try to protect our leadership from its own stupidity."

Friends don't let friends drive drunk.

Optimax, The fun of an end-times cult is not having to care about such mundane matters. The rapture of it all is all you need or want. However, things can get tricky when the end doesn't show up according to plan. For the Pilgrams, it became "the problem of the 2nd generation"... those born in the Bay Colony didn't quite get it like those who made the trip. Another US version was the "Great Disappointment". T'was ever thus. If it gets that far (which I think unlikely), it will be interesting to observe the ISIS flavor.

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