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01 February 2015


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William R. Cumming

YUP! IMO they still don't know what is going on in Syria!

Ishmael Zechariah

Col. Lang,

Seriously, are these folks truly this clueless? How can such colossal ignorance/hubris be possible? IMO it is not for lack of intelligence; there used to be many US personnel in southeastern Turkey who knew the issues as well as anyone.

Ishmael Zechariah



They are. They got rid of people like me and TTG. pl


Col. Lang, you and TTG obviously committed the ultimate crime.........being right.

The Beaver


They are getting their research done by interns and new IR/PS graduates who rely only on social media to get their talking points. They don't know what happened 20 yrs ago , let alone how this ME came about.

If Brown Moses ( unemployed couch potato with NO military education or weaponry) or Elizabeth O'Bagy ( supposedly embedded with the liver eaters0 are revered for their "knowledge" , instead of them consulting SMEs like out host or some other posters , then we should not be surprised.



Astaghfur b'illah. (I take refuge in God). pl




It would be interesting to hear what causes the intelligence factories to get things that wrong. I don't think we can afford anymore failures like Afghanistan, that was not finished when it should have been, and Iraq that should not have started.

It appears that it is a systematic problem and it appears the powers to be are trying to make it worse.


Col. Lang,

Shared this article far and wide



I forgot to mention that we should look at AIPAC blackmail, uh, donations to understand this lunacy.


I think you are mistaken.

The Bushmen and Cheneyites didn't need AIPAC incitement or encouragement to get whacky ideas. In many respects, they often outhawked them.

I think that in case of the Iraq war, AIPAC, JINSA et Cie followed the administration's lead just like the Republican party fell in line.

The Izzies certainly did not expect or call on the US to 'remake the Greater Middle East in America's image'.

They probably had their private reservations, and were conent with US assurances that after knocking off Saddam the US would 'do' Iran in time. I imagine their reasoning went along these lines:

So, it won't work in the long run? But is not the elimination of the only notable regional powers in the region good for Israel? The fall of Iraq, Iran and Syria will only increase Israel's qualitative and quantitative military supremacy.

If Iraq, Iran and Syria fall, and that will improve Israel's ability to impose their will on the neighbourhood. More pertinent, it will finally cut off support for Israel's enemies, enabling Israel to finally achieve a decicive victory over Hamas and Hezbollah, a Cannae at last! Then, only then, when they will have ben beaten down totally, then the Arabs will have to concede their defeat and Israel will finally be left alone! A Siegfrieden, at last.

Persoinally I think that that is complete wishful thinking to expect that the Palestinians will be content with their status as perpetual serfs and confinement to the Ghetto under Israeli control.

It gives testimony to Israel's utter tone deafness that they apparently can't see why Palestinians would find such a prospect unattractive.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

Hallelujah! and kudos to Mulshine. At last someone in the "media" wrote, unambiguously, that the U.S. should have been supporting the Syrian government. Menendez seems to have taken Lierbeman's spot in the lamentable three amigos.




I'm referring to the congress critters who have to pass a loyality test when running to even take the cash afterwards.
I do disagree on what they wanted regarding remaking the ME. That Oden Yinon plan to moving full steam ahead.


Perhaps the sloppiness has been intended?
"War Is the New Normal: Seven Deadly Reasons Why America’s Wars Persist"

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