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15 February 2015


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ex-PFC Chuck

Off topic, but . .
It appears that Ukraine broke the cease fire about an hour after it went into effect. This according to the Novorussian side, whose PR has generally had a much closer relationship with the truth so far.
(English subtitles)


If there was a sizeable (as in France) Jewish population segment in Denmark he'd invite himself to scare them to come to Israel, singing his trademark siren song:

Come on, come home!
To Eretz Israel you come!
It's the ony safe place for you!
These gentiles won't protect you!
They are secretly anti-semitic anyway!
They'd never admit to it!
But I tell you it is true, so true!
Even if they'd never admit it!
So, come on, come home!
To Eretz Israel you come!

(repeat, crescendo con forza)

Just mind the cliffs.


I wonder when the Prime Minister of Israel will show the same concern for the Arab citizens of Israel. I'm sure he'll let the Arabs born within the borders of what is now Israel return to their homes, it's just a matter of time.....

Swami Bhut Jolokia

Leave it to Bibi to make political hay out of a tragic situation. I wonder if there are elections in the near future. Hmmm.


Does truth matter anymore?


David Habakkuk


'we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.'

Actually, this is completely rubbish. It reminds me of Michael Oren trying to blackmail David Rothkopf by saying American Jews need to ask themselves whether they regard themselves as 'part of the Jewish people', whether they see their lives as 'inextricably linked to the Jewish story', and consider that all Jews 'share a destiny'.

(See http://foreignpolicy.com/2014/05/15/a-jewish-state-vs-the-jewish-state/ .)

In what Oren says there is a a tiny amount of truth mingled in with an enormous amount of sheer bullshit. The fact that there is this tiny amount of truth makes the BS all the more lethal.

To anyone who knows anything whatsoever about Jews in Britain, and in particular about Jewish refugees to this country from persecution in Europe, the notion that all of them 'share a destiny' is laughable. Apart from being refugees, they had almost nothing in common. The Holocaust means that most have had some kind of identification with Israel, but the notion that they belong to some kind of 'Jewish people' of whom Netanyahu is the natural leader is absurd.

And indeed, the idea that there is a single 'Jewish story' is a totalitarian claim levelled by ghetto Jews incapable of understanding the extraordinary achievements of those who, for want of a better word, I will call 'Dreyfusard Jews'.

It is clear that Reserve Lieutenant Marc Bloch, one of the great historians of the twentieth century, who died in front of a Nazi firing squad shouting 'Vive la France', after comforting the young man next to him by telling him it wouldn't hurt, wasn't really a Jew.

What nonsense.

Babak Makkinejad

You have to be in Shul to know what people really think, or at the seder table.

A number of Iranians I have met consider Israel to be their country - although they are safely living and working in California and New Your City.

This is an emotional attachment, sort of like the way African-Americans feel about Africa.

Netanyahu is saying what many Jews feel (think) - in my opinion.

For the most part, had we not been in a religious war, one could have passed this off and avoided the dilemmas that he is accentuating both for Jews as well as their fellow country men by following the suggestions of the song made famous by Josephine Baker:



What about the non-Jew killed and the 5 wounded Danish police officers?

Chopped liver?

Larry Kart

A friend of mine who has relatives who live in Israel said of Bibi this morning, "Good grief, shut up!"

She continued: "To my mind Netanyahu [is] just generally impossible (c.f.colluding with Boehner to speak to Congress), but really can one allow any individual murderous Islamist to dictate where we live? Talk to me again when, God forbid, there is an Islamic government in Denmark or France. Although there are Jews who believe that the Muslims and Sharia law are taking over Europe (my brother-in-law [one her Israel relatives] even sees creeping Islam here in America), I am not one of them."


Larry Kart

IMO Bibi is just one short step away from telling Jewish Americans that they are unsafe here. pl


How much is known about the self-promoting exhibitionistic crank Lars Vilks? Why do the Danes deprive him of the obscurity he deserves?


It seems that further North people whose families have been in Sweden for forty years don't really want to assimilate. I wonder how long it will take for those whose families have been Swedish for a thousand years will do something about that?


Charles I

collateral damage

Larry Kart

Colonel -- I believe that some of Bibi's minions, though not yet the man himself in public, have been saying for some time that Jewish Americans are not safe here. Also, it's common coin in some circles in Israel to say that Jews who don't live in Israel are not "real" Jews. The justly celebrated Israeli novelist A.B. Yehoshua (justly celebrated for his literary gifts but not IMO for the following) has said this at the top of his voice on several occasions, stirring much controversy by doing so.

Yehoshua BTW is a wholly secular figure; he says he cares not a wit for Judaism as a religion (indeed, he regards it as having had a dire effect on the Jews both because it is nothing but fantasy and/or myth and because it has left Jews passive in the face of adversity). Instead, he cares only for the Jewish people as embodied in what might be called Israeli-dom. Again, at best a brilliant writer of fiction, but...

Larry Kart

More than you may want to know about A.B. Yehoshua’s views about Israel and Jewish identity and the controversy they ignited:


A review of Yehoshua’s most recent novel that suggests that his fiction is not in agreement with his stated views on the subject:



Who pays for his personal protection; are his bodyguards police or private?

David Habakkuk

Babak Makkinejad,

You would find out very little about complexities of the attitudes of most of the British Jews I have known from being 'in Shul', or 'at the seder table.' A very large proportion of Jewish refugees to Britain were not observant in the first place, and many more have turned secular since their arrival.

The two Jews I knew who made it here shortly before the outbreak of war, leaving family members behind to be murdered or commit suicide, may be extreme examples: one an agnostic brought up as a Lutheran, the other brought up as a Catholic, and remaining a kind of Jewish Christian to the end of his life.

However, the fact remains that the notion of some kind of monolithic 'Jewish story' is total BS.

As presented by Michael Oren, moreover, it is a seedy exercise in moral blackmail.

Babak Makkinejad

I am sharing what I have observed.

If you were a Jew in Iran, and if you were a Muslim in the same country, what were you to conclude from Zionism?

Where would your country be?



Probably the same people who pay to import illiterate religious fanatics becaise "multiculturalism'.

Stop importing the 3rd World and you'll stop getting 3rd World problems, but I guess the maxim of 'stop digging' is too complex for the neoliberal powers that be.



To answer your question: when the ropes come out.


Bibi is fighting a trend of normalization in Israel. There is nothing unusual in leaving one country and settling else where.

More Jews move to Denmark from Israel than go the other way.

(dark blue column are emigrants, light blue immigrants)


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