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04 February 2015


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Donating today. That would be

John Minnerath

Fantastic, The kind of place I could spend months wandering through. I'm sure there are other huge unknown repositories of such treasures.


Sorry, didn't realize I'd hit the post button. That'd be my next vacation if it opened. Amazing.


Fascinating stuff. I wonder how many George Washington artifacts they have.


Incredible collections in that treasure house of artifacts.

To think the US spent $5 billion to destabilize the Ukraine, while this museum goes begging for money, is simply appalling.

For a small percentage of that Ukraine fiasco, we could have a unique, important museum that generations of Americans would value.


There was a collection of Nazi paintings in a climate controlled warehouse at Pueblo Army Depot. Most appeared to be for internal propaganda,feel good scenes, etc. The one that sticks in my memory was Hitler depicted in a suit of armor as if he were a knight. Pueblo was BRAC'd several years ago so who knows what happened to this stuff. Perhaps they are in the Treasure Room.

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