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16 February 2015


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So where is Barwana? That could give us an idea of what sort of massacre is taking place. I think it is in Diyala, but it is an Aramaic name.

Charles I

Its partly what the Kurds fear and the subject of an al-Monitor post that I commented on previously.


Swami Bhut Jolokia

PL (and other knowledgeable people here): What is your take on this article?

A lot of it rings true to me.

Adam L Silverman


I've already been in touch with COL Lang about this and will have a post up on it here at SST either tonight or tomorrow AM. Overall it's interesting, provocative, and I think he does get right that if folks in or aligning themselves with ISIS state this is for religious reasons than a fair amount of that has to be accepted at face value. But... There are some issues and I'll touch on them in my post, as well as the response to one of the American mujtahids involved with CAIR who has called out both the author and several of his sources of presenting the ISIS version of extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence. The reason for this, from my opinion as someone knowledgable, but on the outside looking in, is that the missing piece that needed to be considered in the article but wasn't is ijma. COL Lang has covered this here as I have I before. The other fatal flaw, which Woods dos touch on, but needs further digging out, is the fragility of millennial/apocalyptic movements.

Swami Bhut Jolokia

Thanks Adam. Looking forward to your post.

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