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26 February 2015


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Babak Makkinejad

And if that fellow on the Mexican beach, smoking peyote, ever experiences chest pains and blockage in his LAD - the Window Maker - I suppose he expects sober emergency personnel as well as a sober cardiac team in a soberly-run medical emergency room to be ready to intervene to save his life so that he can again experience that blue moon on that Mexican beach - smoking dope.


Because this man smoked pot every day, in your world his music would never have inspired thousands of songs.


Yelapa in 1980 had no road to it, no electricity and no EMTs. Peyote was probably safer than the local brew they made called ricia.



Its a hard circle to square. I think Spengler was right in that civilizations go through a life cycle, and ours is on life support. Says a lot about the Colonel's generation that the society they built has run on inertia for so long in the face of purposefully dystopic actions.


Col. Lang-

Excellent post sir. I would add it is also a very Southern perspective. History as chronology of what has happened, but also in the present tense as well, history as what happens? C. Vann Woodward comes to mind.



A very Southern point of view? I suppose Southerners prefer reality in self defense against all the BS about Yankee destiny. pl

Charles I

Because you equate marijuana with meth, for starters, and as a lawyer I was trained to force you to sort out your assertions and arguments, and to demolish the latter by dissecting the former.

As to the American penchant for slaughter, one can only ask why, compared with other countries just as wasted, eg, Canada, Americans murder and incarcerate so many of each other, yet we don't?

As for the Indians, well if the Aliens come with the best dope, better weapons, and small pox blankets, we'll do no better than they.

Charles I

Why not just force us ALL to be Muslim, or French, or Redheads, see how that works out for humanity. You are an absurd thinker sometimes.

Charles I

except that it does not work, unless you are God and can control everything. A few repressive states for a few generations a is not proof paradise.



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