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16 February 2015


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Would this be a bad thing?



It would be just fine for me. The question is whether the Egyptian could do it successfully. I doubt it. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Even if they could, who will pay them to occupy Libya and administer it for 2 or 3 decades?

The Beaver

France will find a way ( with the help of some of the GCC countries)


Not quite on topic but I can't help but notice that the F-16 is having quite a heyday in all this. For an airplane the Air Force didn't want and Gen. Buster Glosson was dismissive about, it has become ubiquitous in the images of air strikes being launched by Jordan, Egypt, etc. That will be a bar for the F-35 crowd to measure themselves against.

FB Ali

They could take a few cities (Benghazi etc), but will then be bogged down in an unending guerrilla war. Ultimately, they'll have to pull out with their tail between their legs.

If Sisi has any sense he'll stick to these air raids - until a plane crashes and the bailed-out pilot is beheaded on camera!

João Carlos

"Will Egypt seek to occupy Egypt [...]? "

Wait, I am sure that Egypt occupy Egypt now since they are not more an english protectorate, maybe you wanted to say Egypt seek to occupy Libya.

If they can or not to occupy make is not important, the things are going be interesting, like the Chinese old say: "can you live interesting times"...


Joao Carlos

"...they are not more an english protectorate." You are fifty years out of date. pl

John Minnerath

Would they even want to? Harsh retribution and lasting damage to the threat next door might be all the Egyptians plan.
ISIS might be on a roll, but as more Arab nations suffering their atrocities drop the hammer on them that'll lessen.

r whitman

Libyan oil is very high quality, easily refined, in great demand and located very close to southern European refineries. I can see the Egyptians using this to pay for occupation and administration.

Charles I

Revenge is cheap and popular, clear and hold a nightmare of diminishing returns and will.

Swami Bhut Jolokia

The Beaver: And the deep pockets of the USA, of course.

Swami Bhut Jolokia

PL, I think he was pointing out the typo in the second paragraph of your comment. Should read "...Will Egypt seek to occupy Libya..."

In any event, a little war with a neighbor can often help boost patriotism and marginalize dissenters, and perpetuate an authoritarian regime.

Not that I'm suggesting Sisi would ever be so cynical, of course.

Medicine Man

That game plan sounds terribly familiar.

Babak Makkinejad

So, Egyptians become colonial masters of Libya?

Rather doubtful; 44 tribes in Libya and 14 of them are of account - unless the Egyptians can be as brutal as Italians under Il Duce, I do not think this will come to pass.

The Beaver

Sarko's reason to get the UK ( was already in) and the US involved in the first place ( Qatar was the influencer and KSA didn't peep because the Late Abdullah and Gaddhafi didn't see eye to eye).

Total S.A. was butting heads with one of the sons ( the greasing of his hands was not enough)


I'd be very surprised if Egypt entered Libya, other than air-raids. That would be problems Egypt can't cope with.


Is there an element of strategy in these beheadings?


Scaring off thousands of Egyptians workers should put extra pressure on the Egyptian economy. Less money being sent home.

A poor economy has always made a government less popular.

João Carlos

Sadly, satire is a dead art. Yes, I was pointing a mistake at the text, not at the title. And using some irony because Socrates lives between the clouds... well, it is all greek to me (or greek plays), including the greeks starting the end of EU.

I am sure we will live interesting times, something like the two
Great Wars, when the old Empire dies and the new Empire takes its place. If they add a pandemic (ebola?) it will be like the Hundred Years War.

The bad thing about Chinese curses is that they are very bad to the cursed ones, that are we westerners if you think about it.

William R. Cumming

IMO Egypt should occupy Libya!

The Beaver


Interesting article in the New Yorker:


Edifying paragraph on the $--t disturber pseudo-philosopher BHL.

Wonder if he has ever worn his uniform for the French Military service or he went overseas as a cooperant instead.


Something on the order of the 1977 Egyptian incursion into Libya should still be possible. Perhaps even easier today now that there is no Libyan government or regular army.

Charles I

You need to read this complete article that someone here, can't recall who, kindly linked to, if you did not already.


The beheadings are in complete accord with the Koran, 7th century warfare and the drive for the apocalyptic Battle of Dabiq at which Jesus shall return to help a small band of true Muslims defeat the apostate invader armies.

They are also in accord with precepts of war and politics calling for shock and awe as a cowering potential and surefire way to wrest civic control, end local hostilities and reduce the overall death count a less resolute tactic may have lead to over a longer period of warfare, and as such a Mercy from Allah.

Think saving lives by dropping nuclear bombs.

Charles I

"no regular army" is the problem, look how well Bremer's folly worked out in Iraq.

John Minnerath

Islamic State militants 'burn to death 45 in Iraq'

How much further will they go?

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