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16 February 2015


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The novels are excellent.

Charles I

Thanks, I read some Harry Bosch novels, didn't make the connection, on a constant hunt for tv until the snow stops in March.

Justified is great, Walton Goggins is a piece of work, you should go back and watch him in The Shield if you missed it. Too bad its ending. The poisonous Mm form the holler in Justified shows up in The Americans, another great show about KGB sleeprs in the 70's.

Now watching a somewhat similar troubled lawman show, Banshee, but its completely nuts.

Peter C

Having spent too much time in LA, I appreciate the linear nature of the show. The street scenes are for real places. Michael Connelly has input into these shows. Some shows are getting serious on allowing the creator to input. I look forward to many more in the Bosch series.


I liked the novels a lot. They are noir-ish, without being retro. Having started to watch the series of late, due to your nudging, I have to say they're good. Thanks!


Welcome! And enjoy!

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