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28 January 2015


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William R. Cumming

Thanks Richard for another helpful analysis!



Did you see Stein's article regarding former FBI Agent Mark Rossini and the case of:

"Why the CIA refused to share information with the FBI (or any other agency) about the arrival of at least two well-known Al-Qaeda operatives in the United States in 2000, even though the spy agency had been tracking them closely for years. That the CIA did block him and Doug Miller, a fellow FBI agent assigned to the “Alec Station,” the cover name for CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit, from notifying bureau headquarters about the terrorists has been told before, most notably in a 2009 Nova documentary on PBS, “The Spy Factory.” Rossini and Miller related how they learned earlier from the CIA that one of the terrorists (and future hijacker), Khalid al-Mihdhar, had multi-entry visas on a Saudi passport to enter the United States. When Miller drafted a report for FBI headquarters, a CIA manager in the top-secret unit told him to hold off. "



I am starting to see accounts regarding this travesty in the online media and they are rather uniform in their condemnation of this. Typically, these matters migrate to the mainstream media and I suspect eventually the government will end up looking a lot worse. It seems Mr. Sterling was railroaded in what appears to be a kangaroo court.


Norman Salomon created a petition for Jeffrey Sterling, "the invisible man":


direct link to petition, works for me only in InternetExplorer:


From carefully studying the case and being familiar with the Eastern District of Virginia "rocket docket," based on government-friendly jury pools of government workers, family of government workers, neighbors of government, workers, etc., I think it is shameful that the Judge did not issue a directed verdict and throw the case out because the government did not prove the case and did not even prove jurisdition. If the government contaminated the Judge through secret briefings about evidence withheld from the defense, all the more reason to toss the case out. The Obama Justice Department has waged a war against legitimate whistle blowers (and by extension the journalism profession) with a viciousness that is unprecedented--eat your heart out Dick Cheney.


And no trial for Patraeus. There's one law for the powerful and well connected, another for the rest of us. The idea that America is a nation of laws and not people is no longer true. The bottom will fall out when most people realize the system is rigged.


So for Mr.Sterling no Al Sharpton or Obama or Holder who have identified with Trayvon Martin & Garner, etc making any noise. Where's the black man solidarity? None it seems when it comes to the National Security Surveillance state.

William R. Cumming

IMO the BIG ONES like the collapse of the SOVIET UNION have all been missed by the CIA. It probably all starts with the myth that the OSS was an effective organization in WWII.

Now the CIA is used to bypass DoD and the military Chain-of-Command and thus enhance the DEEP STATE and personal frivolity of Presidents. THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS ORGANIZATION. Many reasons but a audit of language abilities and cultural knowledge within CIA officialdom would make one wonder if the movie THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR 919750 nailed this problem cold.

William R. Cumming

Agree! But the real problem with Eric Holder as AG is that anyone providing opinions on critical policies and cases with which this toady disagreed was purged or put on the shelf in DoJ.

When will the Judiciary Committees hold hearings on DoJ incompetence?

William R. Cumming

Based on some informal info I received some of the nation's best legal talent is lining up to help with the Skilling appeal.



Good! Sterling, not Skilling. pl

Margaret Steinfels

Is it possible that Holder had to prosecute an African-American to show that he is "impartial"? Just a passing thought.

William R. Cumming

Thanks P.L.! My mind still stuck on ENRON!


It is now common knowledge, that is, everyone knows that everyone knows that, the Iranians are building hundreds of nuclear bombs in a secret underground factory to wipe Israel off the map. (See http://www.antiwar.com/orig/norouzi.php?articleid=11025).

But how do we know this?

Why, the neocons and Israelis have conveniently told us, again and again, for the past two decades. And it is what we (paranoid frat-boys) know that we would do if WE were Iranians. It just makes so much sense.

These wouldn't be the same Israelis who are actually building hundreds of nukes in a secret underground factory and are actively trying to wipe Iraq and Iran off the map, would it? Who receive billions each year in protection money against potential threats?

But what if the premise were wrong?

Nima Shirazi documents over a hundred instances that the leaders of Iran have decried building nukes over religious, practical, and strategic grounds ("Ignoring Decades of Iranian Statements on Nuclear Weapons for the Sake of Propaganda"):

The clincher is the game-theoretic strategic argument. According to Ahmadinejad, it would make no sense for Iran to even attempt to build an atom bomb or two against the thousands that America has, and the hundreds that Israel has.

Iran is going out of its way to stop even the perception that it MIGHT want nuclear weapons:

and, of course, both the US and Mossad Intelligence communities say Iran has NO nuke weapons program.

However, this has not stopped the constant drumbeat of propaganda towards a war.

(Side note: Internal analyses in Iran have Iran running out of oil in just a few decades, although one American believes less than one decade: http://www.rferl.org/content/article/1073968.html
so stable alternative energy is an existential threat.)

Iran is inspected almost daily by the U.N.; Israel has yet to join the NPT. Iran proposes a Middle East Nuclear Free Zone; Israel and the U.S. block it.

None of this has ever mattered for the past two decades. Netanyahu speaks English fluently, arguably controls Congress, and has successfully set the narrative for America for decades. Iran has less P.R. presence than most high schools. It is toast.

The neocons caused over $4T damage to the U.S. in our last grand adventure to wipe out Israel's competition. Iran is 4x the size of Iraq in 2000. The rest of the world sees what America is doing, and remembers. None of this matters. Mr. Sterling's sad case is merely a tiny piece in a much larger, long-term game. Looks to me like we will soon start another multi-trillion-dollar, million-death war of choice.


If Sterling was NOT Risen's source, why didn't Risen say so?
He's only bound to not disclose sources.



Risen said he had many sources. pl


So Risen didn't eliminate Sterling as a source, thereby giving credence (no matter how circumstantial) to the prosecution?
If Sterling didn't deliver secrets to Risen and Risen didn't explicitly say that, then that makes Risen...a total scumbag.



yes. pl

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