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21 January 2015


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Patrick, I experienced a lot of resistance reading this text. At one point I wondered if it had to do with the fact that you seem to be writing a suspense tale, where no doubt you have to draw in your readers, in a very different way, then you have to write if you are a reporter.

Then I wondered if you are simply trying to uphold your possible ISIS-AlQuaeda connection.

There was one point that raised my interest, since it was something that made me wonder as a sideline in trying to find out, why I have more problems with this ASUS laptop, then I ever, ever noticed before. And I am no novice. But for the first time in my life I have serious complaints about the apparent compilation of the larger system setup. Apparently Windows has troubles with recognizing the registered API or interfaces of the firm. It runs in circles. While acknowledging funnily enough, that I basically trust them.

At one point I stumbled across something peculiar. A search for something that raised my interest in the larger attempts to find out what exactly is happening, led me to a site where I was confronted with "on the surface" with something seemingly suggestive of "Arab interests", the information was buried somewhere behind that "front". There was much too much to follow it closely.

I was a bit puzzled about that fact. But strictly I wondered if they had in fact discovered something about our new IT security industry, I paid no interest to, matters are complex. Or in fact Arabic interest circles.

Concerning Belgium:

Verviers has a derelict charm, reminiscent of it's earlier wealth as a central cog in the textile industry. Molenbeek is slightly North of the part of Belgium that I know. A friend grew up there. Of the Beligium town you keep out of your tale as important: Charleroi, I mainly know the "Église romane"...

How many cities or suburbs do you think exist in Belgium or in France (Germany) for that matter, that could attract emigrants for the same reason, as e.g. artists. In search of cheap rent?

I have mainly followed your articles concerning this case. But at one point I took a look at, maybe a Guardian article. In any case that would fit.

Not sure, if I finished reading it. But among other things they dealt with Coulibaly's specific prison. Even had a video on that. All I remember beyond that, is the debates and "administrative necessities" or tools suggested in for being able to more easily administer it. ... At which point I stopped reading. But no doubt the prison itself may be interesting.

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