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14 January 2015


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Amir, I like Slavoj, in fact I had a short exchange with him on art in my early times of the web, quite possibly still on usenet. Long before he turned out to be the academic 'enfant terrible' or 'cause célèbre' he is now.

Slavoj, is not easy. I find myself drawn between labeling him pop academic, and digging deeper and giving him time.


On the second level, he may have the same basic fears as me, when he writes that the "'second coming' seems to perfectly render our present predicament."

With Yeats melancholic poem, post WWI, post revolution and post Easter rising in Ireland, he could be carefully painting the worse case scenario on the horizon without resorting to easy analogies:

"The best” are no longer able fully to engage, while “the worst” engage in racist, religious, sexist fanaticism."

And the latter will recruit much more easily as the former, no doubt, absolutely no doubt. The foundation is in place. The neocons can lean back and say: 'look, we didn't create this, we only forced it out into the open.'



Interesting. Rarely I wish I could read the police reports. The exact chain of events. Did he have another weapon?


Since you descend so deeply into the mythical realm of an Aryan rebirth let me get right based on the Jungian archetype and collective unconscious:

"12 years old cherub Trayvon Martin by evil blonde George Zimmerman"

Evil black Trayvon Martin and good blond and blue eyed George Zimmerman.

Have you ever seen a fair witch? Can you imagine one?


Babak, do you really manage to read Shamir to the end. He has no idea, what he is babbling about.

The problem starts, when you call it a forgery, its really a plagiarization.

That it is a forgery is the countermyth created out of necessity at one point in time. How can you prove a fictional text to be wrong? You can't. But if you have to fight it in court in Switzerland, you need a strategy, and this strategy was to create the countermyth that it is a forgery.

Russian Emigrés in the Bern Trial of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (1933-1935) [PDF/811 KB]


The following two need to be downloaded and rotated clockwise:

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Between History and Fiction [PDF/1.2 MB]


The Protocols of the Elders of Zion an the Myth of a Jewish Conspiracy in Post-Soviet Russia [PDF/1.4 MB



Concerning Jewish prominence in Hungary Post WWII, that's no big surprise, since they were very, very strong there before the war too. If I recall correctly. That's also why there was a strong counter-revolutionary group with Nazi ties.

The protocols were spread by White Russians all over the world. There is a book that looks into facts and fiction in this context. The Nazis exaggerated heavily in this context:

Strictly this may be a topic, that may be surrounded by a taboo. Thanks to the Nazis, who exaggerated the numbers to levels of 80-99 percent.

I only know one other study by a German Librarian, who wrote a book about masons, which were forbidden under the Nazis too before, he looked into the facts versus fiction in this context.

Today it is more convenient to stress the 'socialist' element in National-Socialism, but I have a hard time to see that. The no doubt felt like counter-revolutionaries. Remember: The Jewish-Bolshevik thread.


Well, obviously, the Ukrainian police will answer to the French that Putin did it.


On a more serious note, the mere existence of this possible connection underlines that the people who think that we can switch in and off Jihadis in pursuit of our policy goals, as Prince Bandar reportedly put it, is a folly.

Jihadis people cannot be controlled. They are interested in salvation and the Caliphate as a means to achieve that, and clearly they couldn't care less about whatever limited objectives their sponsors want to use them for.

By now that lesson should have come through. Alas.

As for the Ukrainians, as I wrote above, I don't expect them to be of any meaningful help in this. Throughout the last year their official pronouncements tended to be 'Comical Ali'-level outlandish and if they constructed a 'link to Russia over this story would be absolutely in keeping with that record.

Patrick Bahzad

Coulibaly had several weapons with him (AK-47, Skorpion, two Tokarev handguns, as well as explosives and detenators).
I plan on giving a summary acount of the whole chain of events - what we know of it - in a third and final part about the Paris attacks, because Coulibaly as the most important and most interesting man in these events, from a investigation point of view.

Patrick Bahzad

I'm pretty sure there hasn't been any plans by AQAP to have this go down as a joint operation with ISIS. But further down the road, during the operational planning and preparation of the attacks, there may have been some form of communication between one of the attackers in particular and some ISIS related individuals.

Patrick Bahzad

I) the man who's been arrested on weapons charges isn't known for connections to islamic radicalism. If there is a Turkish connection here, it is with Turkish criminal gangs. But other than that, this one is a dead end.
II)Hayat Boumediene flew to Istanbul because that is the most convenient and easiest route if you want to make a run for Syria. The fact she didn't stay long though and vanished from her hotel shows she was in on it and knew she had to get away as quickly as possible. Besides she was not alone when she arrived in Istanbul. CCTV shows her at the airport with a young man who's well known to French police and whose brother has already been sentenced on terrorism related charges.
III) the 'third' man is not actually a 'third' man, he's a person of interest for now. He's known to have had longstanding connections with the younger Kouachi brother.

Patrick Bahzad

I wasn't aware of these allegations so thx for the link, sounds interesting. Not sure yet what to make of it, but will have a closer look at this angle !
There might be something there, considering in particular the Chechen connection in the Verviers police raid on January 15th. Verviers is one of the places where Coulibaly got his weapons from.
However, as I already mentioned, part of his arsenal is definitely Serbian/Yugoslavian made and comes from the Balkans, through Kosovo-Albanian, or Turkish organised crime.

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