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01 January 2015


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dear sir,
A happy new year to you and all others who frequent this forum.

Lord Curzon

And a Happy New Year to you, Colonel - it promises to be interesting!


And to everyone on SST as well.


A happy new Year 2015 from Germany!

FB Ali

Col Lang,

A Happy New Year to you and everyone on SST!


Sir, Best wishes for 2015!

I think this year will continue the trend of increased geo-political and economic instability.


Wishing A Happy New Year for Pat and everyone on SST!

r whitman

Happy new year from Texas

William R. Cumming

A Happy New Years despite the many slips and fall of USA leadership circles. DAVOS not the real world IMO!

The Twisted Genius

Happy New Year to Colonel Lang, his family and our entire SST committee of correspondence. And what a way to start. The Caps beat the Blackhawks to win the 2015 Winter Classic with a Troy Brouwer goal in the last 12 seconds of the game. An exciting, hard fought game.

different clue

Happy New Year from SE Michigan.

Here is a New Year's prediction. SE Michigan will end up with substantially less snow this year by May from what we ended up with last year by last May.

What is that based on? Here is how a co-worker told me you can read the Woolly Bears. The length of the brown band in the center corresponds to the amount of snow we will have in the coming winter. She said the woolly bears had a smaller brown band this fall than the woolly bears had last fall. That means we will have less snow this winter than we had last winter. I hope it works. I would like for something to work somewhere.


Now here is a NOAA site that flatly argues against the woolly bears having any predictive power. But they read the woolly bears totally differently than how my co-worker
told me to read them. So . . . if any NOAA members are reading these threads, my co-worker said it is the CENter BROWN section that counts, NOT the black ends at either end. We shall see.

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