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26 January 2015


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Babak Makkinejad

I think Putin is asserting and establishing the principle of Spheres of Influence; a principle that US has been unwilling to either acknowledge or accept.

You are new to this, but the Sassanid & Roman Empires - after centuries of inconclusive intermittent warfare - came to accept that notion and settled down to spheres of influence and buffer states in the Levant and in Caucasus.

It was, however, too late, all their wars had sapped them of strength and had made vulnerable to barbarian in their peripheries which proceeded, in time, to destroy both empires.

Babak Makkinejad

I think even the hypothetical consideration of war in the Russian sphere of influence by the NATO states is madness.

Russia has not yet used her energy card.

Will the Italian accept to freeze in the winter for years to come over Novo Rossiya?

I think not; will they fight again in Eastern Front and die and be buried there?

I think not.

NATO states have picked an unwinnable confrontation with Russia - in the dead end policy of excluding Russia from Europe; in my opinion.

This is the analogue of their policy against Iran with its unreachable objective.

As I wrote to Piotr above, recognizing spheres of influence will cause less harm to the international stability than opposing their existence.

In my opinion.


Don't you understand that, currently, the US are not interested in diplomacy and democracy but only in the dominance over global resources? Read carefully the Stratfor report below to get the idea of where the Western Europe has been taken to for a ride and what exactly is in preparation for the millions of people living in the Eastern Europe. A hint: this is not about nationalism but rather about war profiteers and the vampire squid of global financial system: http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=74786417f9554984d314d06bd&id=8555517255&e=8c7a8a339f



The US should withdrawl from NATO. That defensive alliance achieved its purpose with the collapse of the USSR. The defense (and economic bail out) of the former member states of the Warsaw pact is not in our national interest.

The Beaver


EU uniforms ??? or NATO ??



When Persia fell and Rome declined, the medieval Armenia became prosperous and independent. Little reason did Armenians have to maintain the empires and keep bouncing back and forth between their spheres of influence.

Charles I

You've been reading your Taibbi.

Charles I

While Russian forces have run through Chechnya 2X, Georgia, now Crimea.

ex-PFC Chuck

Madness indeed! I agree wholeheartedly.

Upthread a ways Fred suggested in reply to Piotr that the US should withdraw from NATO. That will never happen. But if the neocon and r2p children keep doubling down on the games they're playing in the sandbox that belongs to all of us with the same stellar results we've become accustomed to, it may be the countries in the continental core of NATO, such as Germany and France that withdraw, whereupon the whole edifice will collapse.

The Twisted Genius

The Beaver,

Uniforms could be provided by NATO as part of nonlethal aid. Como gear as well. Even the small arms is not that big a deal. The non-Ukrainian reading material is harder to explain. Who was reading that stuff?

alba etie

"I went home with the waitress the way I often do - how was I to know she was with the Russians too "

And al jeezra teevee scroll is reporting Putin visited an Auschwitz memorial service somewhere and blasted the Kyvv government for being neo nazis ..

alba etie

We might disagree about gay marriage , Fergusen , but on the neocon misadventures overseas we totally agree - its too damned dangerous not to oppose the Children Crusaders by any means necessary - we could be staring down the barrell of nuclear annihilation here. It has to be SAD - remember Brennan went to Kyvv last year...

The Beaver


Thank you for this info.

Sorry I didn't have a chance to expand on my question marks and my Mac started acting .


Far too much significance has been placed upon this airport and the relative positions held by the Ukrainian army and pro-Russians. Who holds a particular piece of territory shouldn't unduly affect the political endgame. And neither the rebels, nor the Ukrainians have shown any willingness to not sticking to their maximalist positions during the relative calm. The question now is only what degree of autonomy is granted the east. Every day negotiations are not occurring, the greater the east's autonomy is defacto establishing itself. The West is deluded if it thought a ceasefire meant the Ukraine state is more likely to get more political control over its rebellious East. Ukraine is broken. It's been broken since the western-backed pro-Europe camp kept rolling doubles and ended up with power in a premature coup which no one knew how to handle properly (most likely, the coup was not planned by the West or US: the demonstrations were to ensure that Yanukovich would be totally discredited by election-time, leading to the election of pro-westerners.)

The "big deal" made of this in the press is because their self-appointed "good guys" have lost what is a minor irrelevant battle. If people were serious about a negotiated solution, these skirmishes shouldn't matter.

William R. Cumming


William R. Cumming

Yes this a civil war but the first one between oligarchs. Both Russian and Ukrainian in a large variety of permutations and combinations.


Charles I

Georgia? That is the #25 place to visit this year according to the NYT travel section. Of course the NYT has a wonderful oped from Soros today saying we must "save" the "new" Ukraine. He must have allot of money to gain, unlike those in combat who only have their lives, their freedom, and their honor at stake.


Bellingcat? Isn't that the current State Department's idea of "open source intelligence"? Lol


This is a pretty interesting statement by Lukashenko about declaring marshal law in Belarus if polite green men appear. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-27/lukashenko-says-belarus-is-in-peril-as-army-trains-for-invasion.html

different clue


If Western leaderships honestly felt concern about Russia bloc-alliancing with China and wanted to prevent it, then why did they take several years worth of actions designed to leave any rational leadership with no other choice but to bloc-ally with China? Did they think they would get a non-Putin leadership which would interpret Western Leaders' actions any differently than how the Putin leadership interprets those actions? If both of those things are what the WesterLeaders really thought/think, then the WesterLeaders are not thinking logically or usefully to any reality-based conclusion.

And if they thought overthrowing Putin would delay the China-Russia alliance which the WesterLeaders have worked so hard to drive Russia into, they are too late anyway. The China-Russia leaderships will try locking in their alliance fast, hard, and deep enough that no regime change in Russia will change it or weaken it in the future, regardless of anyone else's desire.

different clue

A multi-cycle political party should be organized
and run candidates on that overt agenda to see how much support it could gain over time.


The neocons face some trouble in what Churchill called the "soft underbelly of Europe". It looks like the new Greek government is not so keen to send more Greek money to bail out the "new" Ukraine:


"New Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias..."Whoever thinks that, in the name of its debt, Greek will give up its sovereignty and its active contribution to European policies is mistaken."

different clue


Why would Lukashenko be afraid of Polite Green Men entering Belarus on behalf of Russia? Don't Lukashenko and Putin basically sympathise with eachother's form of government and respective national goals?

Perhaps Lukashenko is really afraid of Impolite MaidaNazi Thugs in Swastikas entering Belarus? Perhaps this statement is meant to be a message to them and their backers? And a "hidden-in-plain-sight" appeal to Putin to be ready to render assistance to Belarus to deal with any Rude Men In Brown who might show up there?


Alba Etie,

You're on the same side as me, you just don't realize yet that the entire Children's Crusade mentality comes from the same place the gay marriage/Ferguson nonsense comes from. But you will eventually.



Yes. As early as 2003 I remember our battalion mortars weren't allowed to register with HE and could only respond to fire missions with troops in contact because they were so jacked up (almost wiping out the battalion command because the gunner was 1000 mils off).

When I was leaving, more and more gunnery was treated as a secondary or tertiary skill versus important stuff like "how to run a checkpoint" or "cultural sensitivity". I'm proud to say I can still remember how to do small and large deflections and set up the gun. I hope things have reversed by now.

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