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26 January 2015


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Imagine, Cyprus simply may offer the needed economic law frame. In Germany there would be a business register where you can look up the ownership and business history. I am not familiar with EU laws and regulations in this context. But since the PR firm that represented Burisma earlier form the UK, apparently UK does not offer the needed secrecy either.


VV, it feels to me "ethnic hatred" can be be stirred one way or another. I would look into the economic history of the East. Could there have been non-ethnic complaints earlier? What would the two dominant color or non-color revolutions look like from that larger interest context?


Babak, "the oil card" how could sanctions on Russia prevent it/her from doing so effectively? And that is one of underlying intention?

It seems the enterprise Imagine alluded to above, has the aim of making Ukraine independent of Russia's energy long term.

Do you think Putin could immediately stop deliveries to Europe? How many Russians depend on the Russian energy sector? Notice the already low price.


No map, but I can highly recommed this:



did you actually sit thru any of those lectures?


is none of these satifactory ?



or ARE none ... as the case may be.

William R. Cumming

Thanks CP!


Sadly, no. Can't afford to, and for me it is overseas. Still, these courses IMO provide a genuine public service.

After school I had to choose what I wanted to study and I decided against history, in favour of law (supposedly more practical).

For me it's a nice way to refresh my history and deepen my knowledge while keeping up with my comprehension of spoken english.

As for the cat names, Freedman is right on. I am probably going to name my next cats Clovis, Rollo or Fredegund.

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