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10 January 2015


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Col. Lang,

I wholeheartedly agree with your announcement. It is the ultimate postwar cheap shot smear to equate people with the Nazis on the basis of a disagreement that is a matter of principle and reason. Just as Islamphobia is a sickness of our age, so too is the use by some radical Islamist defenders of the Nazi epithet to simply shut down dialogue, or demonize a very legitimate point. There are enough people running around out there who do seek to replicate actual Nazi actions (the Right Sector in Ukraine comes to mind as open advocates of some outright Nazi ideas and practices) that it is a further disservice to honorable people to use that loaded language. The blog has become a venue for genuine socratic dialogue among thoughtful people who often disagree seriously, but who go back and forth in a manner that always leads to better thinking and outcomes.

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