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16 January 2015


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By way of opera ....

Mileage varies hugely, but this production never fails to make me laugh out loud. It is a tonic. Not only beautifully acted but also a treat for the eyes. There is nothing like it out there - give it 15 minutes.




It could be that the movie is not that good, but of course it would be politically incorrect, ah "racist", to say that. Then again there's the ongoing battle with the family which delayed a movie like Selma for years:



Thanks Bobo, I'll have at least a look at the latest block of "court maneuvers".

"if subpoenaed to testify, Mr. Risen would
testify that he wrote the book State of War as
well as the prior newspaper story concerning the defendant"


"Prior", the don't tell us exactly when. What was the topic of Risen's "prior" article? Incidentially ...? If I get matters correctly the hardback edition of State of War was printed in 2006?

Is this the governments incriminating core nexus?


In case the above link does not have subtites, here is another link that starts at La Calunnia song (early Karl Rove bit of villany - i.e., we will ruin him with slander and here is how it works).


no one

Tyler, Are you the one with the sub-machinegun type weapon?


Roger that. My dad and brother both worked at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Kittery, Maine). The Yard routinely outperforms private yards in cost, schedule and accuracy of work. They absolutely leave the Navy Pearl Harbor yard in the dust, with a 50% lower cost and attendant better delivery schedule.

I would believe the WPA works would outperform as well. The Hoover Dam is right up there as an engineering wonder of the world and still going strong on a structural basis. Of course, this epic drought is making the why of building it less appealing. They have swapped out the turbines to deal with lower head pressure and our guide told us they are planning another one in the near future.

robt willmann


There is reportedly new fighting today, 18 January, in Eastern Ukraine, possibly, or probably, started by the Ukrainian "government" in Kiev--


nick b


Verdi (La Traviata) is tough place to start with opera. It is 'opera seria' as opposed to 'opera buffa' (comedic). Opera buffa, like 'Il Barbiere di Siviglia'(Rossini), which rjj has so generously provided, is often more accessible to a new listener.

I don't think you can really enjoy opera until you see it live. It's a shame that it is so expensive to attend these days. Seeing an opera like 'La Boheme' (Puccini) performed by a top shelf opera company, with lavish Zeffirelli sets is amazing. Though even I must admit, it gets long and drags sometimes.

Good luck with it, and do take the wife to see one. Just don't start with 15 hours of Wagner's 'Ring Cycle'!


No one,

Yes I am the one with the grenade launcher and the "We gotta climb WHAT?" expression on my face.


“Terror Hype” vs The Corporate State: Why we so messed!

Woke up to this nausea this morning: (CNN)A Montana pipeline burst sent as much as 50,400 gallons of oil gushing into the Yellowstone River, prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency.
It cannot be viewed outside of the context of the mainstream media/government hype over the ongoing “War on Terror” that the Bush administration under the skilled guidance of Cheney/Rumsfield started and the Neo Cons 2.0 continued on through the Obama experience.
Recently, we had the criminal mass-murder in Paris and the Belgian government’s pre-emptive move against other criminal would be murderers in that nation. Not to be outdone, CNN, Fox and their peers bloviate endlessly about the “homegrown”, “lone wolf” , “Domestic Terror Threat” represented by a couple of unconnected mentally ill would be instruments of death who were aided and abetted in their fantasy world by the FBI. Look at all your neighbors closely now people, the end is coming soon in a puff of nail filled smoke and hail of automatic gunfire. Look even closer if they worship differently than you do.
In the mean-time, think how much more exponentially, how much more vastly panicked the nation would be if “terrorists” has deliberately poisoned the drinking water of millions upon millions of American citizens in hundreds, if not thousands of towns and cities. Can you imagine the media frenzy, the posturing in congress and what the State of The Union Speech would look and sound like? Can you come to grips with the spectre of “ terror” we would all live under in The West. Think of it, a “soft target” being struck in such a way as to affect millions upon millions of peace loving, innocent souls.
Well gang, it just happened. You see, the Yellowstone River is a tributary of the Missouri River which then flows into the Mississippi River at St. Louis. From there it flows to the Gulf of Mexico. Get a map and look at who draws their drinking water from below this spill. Understand that petrochemicals are not filtered very well if at all by municipal water systems. Are there acceptable levels of bitumen oil for you and I to ingest.
Now this was an accident. It was a failure of engineering I suppose. A calculated risk gone bad and a minor byline in the press compared to the afformentioned simpletons the FBI groomed into a case they could prosecute. This begs the question, what would the outcry be like if 50 400 gallons of toxic waste were deliberately and criminally introduced into the drinking water of millions and done so with the excuse that God, Allah or some other deity demanded it be so to avenge wrongs real or perceived.
Imagine the new restrictions on civil liberties and militarization of the state to “protect us” from “Evil”. What new Patriot Act? What new war abroad to eliminate “Terror”….let your mind wander.
Well, a corporation enabled by laws passed by politicians who were lobbied by big money did this. It was an accident and they will do better next time. Keystone or Enbridge anyone?
Of note: “This isn't the first major oil spill into the Yellowstone River -- the longest undammed river in the United States.
In 2011, up to 42,000 gallons poured out of a ruptured Exxon Mobil pipeline.”

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