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09 January 2015


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Richard, one of the truly great pleasures of being a part of SST is reading your remarkable prose. Please accept my thanks.

And, what are stories if they are not an attempt to place a human reference on the larger frame of events. I grew up in a story telling culture and they created a touch point that allowed me to feel and hear the actors as they moved through their lives during things that were otherwise only history to me. These have been some of the most powerful moments of my life.


There's a wonderful expression which I've heard a few times when I've visited Ireland:

"F*ck the begrudgers".





It's always a pleasure to read you, Richard. Thank you for sharing.


Mr. Sale,
it's always a privilege and a pleasure to read what you write. Thanks, and keep it coming.

Bill H

Part of my growing up was in Arizona, and a bunch of us used to go out past the edge of town where lived an old Hopi guy who spent his days carving Kachinas. We would sit and watch him carving and dressing the latest Kachina and listen, enthralled, sometimes for hours, as he told the story of this particular Kachina and the role that it played in the making of the ancient world. That was sixty years ago and I remember him today with great clarity and fondness.

You remind me of him sometimes, Richard.

the Unready

I recall a post where the Colonel mentioned his disdain for people who pestered him for war stories. But I can't stop myself.

Keep the stories coming please Mr. Sale. It's like listening to a Gypsy fiddle. Heart and soul, experience and intelligence.



Very well stated!



Richard's biographic piece is not a war story. pl



Charles !

Cheers Richard. You were there. Keep telling us about it, and yourself as well. We'll sort out the info/source bit.

I recall the same post as the Unready, and cringed a bit - tho I've never cornered our host at a party I have been privileged to be offered a few beyond those posted here. My voyeuristic streak is more intelligence than combat oriented, so I'm 2 for 2 here.

I just finished the first season of Tour of Duty and will watch the other two. Any editorial comment or other observations?

Charles Dekle

Mr Sale,
Thank you.


Thank you Mr. Sale for sharing this deeply personal experience with us.

The Beaver

Hear Hear !

The Beaver

Mr. Sale,

Thank you and I am going back to reread about that piece on Iran.

I have tried to locate that six-part series that you wrote for the Post but to no avail.


Mr. Sale,

Thank you again for another wonderful contribution. You were blessed to have known your father-in-law. He was brave and so are you.


"I loved my father in law, and called him Baba, Farsi for father. He came from a rich, noble Iranian family. His father had once owned 28 villages. But in Iran, he incessantly prated the Shah’s line, at times sounding like a startling voice that comes out from a child’s puppet."

Richard, I was fascinated by this passage. Or how you recount it. I am fascinated by Baba, as you experienced him compared to your former wife. ... What a pity journalists never return to such stories. ... In the more personal facts, fiction and interpretation department. Would be too personal, I guess.

And there is a reason why this drew most of my attention.

Recently I stumbled into a really peculiar highly indirect libel of someone I didn't even know on the blog of someone I do. The libel in its own very, very indirect way was a response to a short personal message in the comment section concerning the author. Never quite directly saying it but insinuating he was an antisemite. While responding not even addressing him directly either.

I won't link to it, because I don't want to draw attention to it. I am a certified PR advisor too, and am slightly critical of the field for the reasons you give.

Ironically enough the result was in the end, that I not only became aware of another continuity-of-Nazi-in-postWWII institutions over here, I had actually missed. But I also had the pleasure to meet (email-wise) the thus outed elder German who has been asked to help the person outing him, due to his PhD in history.


Long introduction. Many, many years ago by now, I met an Iranian-German in Berlin's student village. At the time I had no idea how influential he was in the protests against the Shah's regime over here, slightly before I studied in Berlin.

What I remember distinctively though, are his fears of SAVAK at the time.

Can anyone give me a link to the article Richard alludes to here?


Ok, no help needed, I guess. I'll check these:




The ME is a cruel, cruel place. The kind of idyllic society that you seem to think achievable is not. The result of trying to impose the politics of today's Germany or the EU in general in these countries is inevitably the rise of fundamentalist Islam because the locals are unhappy and uncomfortable with our political ideas. pl

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