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17 January 2015


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Col. Lang:

A basic necessity of any computational device is the ability to copy a number - regardless of format that number is expressed in, binary, octal, decimal etc. - from one physical location to another.

A quantum bit, the so-called Qubit, cannot be copied, it is an impossibility.

See please:


This, in my opinion, precludes the possibility of creating a quantum computer.

But, researchers have ignored the implications of the non-cloning theorem and proceeded on working on other aspects of that fiction.

One wonders why the funding agencies have gone along with this charade.

Quantum Computing is not even a White Elephant of Physics, it is more like the Cheshire Cat of physics.

(The one machine sold under the name of Quantum Computer is essentially a different device, using on workable application of the "adiabatic" theorem of QM. Very different beast all-together).

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