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30 January 2015


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Charles I

No, see my reply above to Fred replying to dismayed above. It is tactics and strategy predicated on deterring Hezbulloh. see:


Charles I

"serial confabulation" my shrink called it. Common amongst narcissists and untreated bipolars.


The pause does not seem as arriving from the perpetually "victimized" and very "chosen" people that find it natural to put their allegiance to their mythological tribe foremost, while spitting on the basic rules of humanity


"Our security must be paramount' sounds like a ghetto argument. And didn't ghettos work out real well...?



Some timing of this to tie the US to the assassination of a Hezbollah member. Odd?





Who will have the stones to boycott his lecture?

Swami Bhut Jolokia

Different, one can hope Bottlegate has an effect on the election: http://blogs.ft.com/the-world/2015/01/israelis-transfixed-by-bottlegate/

Babak Makkinejad

Not bad marriage; rather unrequited love between a hormone-crazed young man and an uncaring cunning manipulative experienced woman.



Hezbollah, the US and Iran are fighting ISIS. Israel IS NOT.

Get it? Israel is NOT a US ally.

I'm furious that the US media is lying by reporting that the remaining Japanese hostage was murdered because the King of Jordan turned down a hostage release plan.

What a coincidence that Japanese hostages were taken after this.


The Beaver


Without forgetting this case:

and the case of Jeffrey Sterling during the same week.
Who is pulling the strings for the CIA since it seems that Jeff Stein has had that story for a while but Newsweek was not alloed to publish but WaPo did anyway.

Charles I

Cee, I've been here a long time so I must assume you've not been paying attention to my previous posts. I get it.


While I think this is probably valid for a small portion of the Israeli population, respectfully I don't think the analogy holds at a national level. The harsh reality is that most Israelis (and ALL of self-selecting/perpetuating Israeli officialdom) are self-entitled, militarily expansionist racial supremacists. This is not only nothing unusual in human history (and certainly nothing uniquely Jewish or Zionist), but rather it is the norm throughout most of human history, specifically inclusive of American history. We (Americans) used to be very much like them. However, in my opinion, part of the motivation of our WASP elites' creation of international political and economic architecture after WW2 (UN, Bretton Woods, etc) was to end territorial acquisition by military force. It was no longer (and still isn't) in our interest to permit it to occur. Recall Eisenhower's stalwart defense of principle (and American interest) during the Suez Crisis under intense Zionist pressure, and subsequent and continuing successful Zionist efforts to carve out an exception for Israel.

If one is going to use a marriage analogy, I would go with the following. Only the 'international community' wants a marriage to take place. The reluctant groom wants the bride's dowry, but not the bride. The groom has a gun, and is perfectly willing to shoot the bride (or any busybody internationals who get in the way) to get the dowry. The bride can either pick up a gun and defend herself or abandon the dowry and flee. There is no substantive misunderstanding here that can be solved by deft and skillful communication. A necessary but not sufficient condition for a peaceful resolution is the groom's recognition of the bride's equivalent humanity and right to their own property. This has never been on the table.


maybe a simpler human relationship analogy would be a disturbed adolescent manipulating a weak-willed vacillating ambivalent custodian.


and abovementioned adolescent has a proclivity for arson.


I heard Goldberg in an interview shortly after his book was published. In it he said he was IDF and that he worked as a prison guard. Surely, that must be in his book. Ketziot was the worst prison. I think they closed it down, but not sure. BTW, Goldberg was proud of what he did.


The Beaver,

I posted about this here in a thread ladt werk. Kirshner thinks that his assassination is a plot to undermine her. I don't doubt it.


Charles I,

My apologies.





Update on Argentina:



Since they don't have the nerve to follow the advise of Col. Lang to deny Bibi a visa...


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