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29 January 2015


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"Maybe we should invade and annex Israel. We could make it part of New York or Florida"

A splendid idea!

The dissonance that you mention is but one thing.

Right now Israel is only an indispensably ally which's borders and territorial integrity America must protect!

Speaking of borders ... naturally, if Israel joined Florida or New York the Izzies would have to own up and declare openly what their borders actually are, and that opens another can of worms.

I mean, Americans in their right mind (that's, those who don't want to revisit the Indian Wars or Crusades in the Holy Land) don't want an undefined and morphing border (on security grounds - those settlements need to be kept safe from the people whose land they are being built on) between Israel and the Archipelago of Palestine, let alone a loosely (re)defined one to Syria (Golan, my preciousss, was a gift, we found it, or is it still Syrian?) and Lebanon (Sheba farms included?).

I mean, if you don't do that, then the US may just end up defending Greater Israel in Tehran!

Come to think of it, in more than one way the US already does that.



I decided to substitute South Carolina (the idiots who started the WBS) and Alabama (maybe the Izzies will learn to love BBQ). pl


Isn't Florida already part of Israel, like New York?


No, Florida is not part of Israel. It is nowadays not quite sure where it belongs other than as a destination for millions of people from all over. Many who end up staying.

Not that it will happen, but Bibi should be investigated for all kinds of ill deeds. Gratefully, a substantial backlash against his and Boehner's stunt is growing by the day.

nick b


That's quite funny! But I don't think pork BBQ is going to go over well. For good brisket, you gotta go to Texas. I would suggest that over Alabama. YMMV.


AL is a good pick... could use a more balanced polity.


nick b

You are a PA Yankee. We have lovely beef and chicken BBQ here and throughout the South. I recommend BBQ country across 29 from Clark Brothers. pl

Babak Makkinejad


That was an old joke:

Finance Minister: We are broke, what should we do?

Foreign Minister: We declare war against America. They will defeat us, take us over, and pay off all of our debts.

Chief of IDF: But what if we win?


An excellent review of the history of Zionism:

"William Yale was a Special Agent of the State Department in the Near East during the First World War. He talked with the bankers' emissary Chaim Weizmann in 1919, and "asked him what might happen if the British did not support a national home for the Jews in Palestine. Weizmann thumped his fist on the table and the teacups jumped, 'If they don't,' he said, 'we'll smash the British Empire as we smashed the Russian Empire.'"



How about Texas? Ted cruise is already a member of the Knesset.


Some place with snakes.

MK Logan

No serious objections to Carolina or Alabama (kosher BBQ? !? Oh...what the hell...why not?) but Utah should be considered. They can make deserts bloom, or so I hear, and Mormons already believe Hebrews to be superior and wouldn't have to be taught.



Q: Why isn't Israel the 51st State?
A: Because then they would have only two Senators and one Congressman!


Any merger with Texas and Israel would be highly entertaining. Ted Cruz appears to reside in a separate universe and should fit in in both places.

nick b


This is true. And I cannot say that I have ever had BBQ in South Carolina (too much other good food in Charleston!), but I have in North Carolina. I love that vinegar based sauce! And it's always been with pulled pork or ribs. Sure they make brisket and chicken, but their pork is the best, IMHO. My wife hails from Memphis, when we get BBQ in Memphis it's like brisket and chicken aren't even on the menu. There is no discussion: we're ordering pork. You can get BBQ brisket lots of places, even in PA (it sucks), but to me it's done best in Texas. They may have pork BBQ in Texas too, but I wouldn't know. I'm eating brisket every time. Just like when I'm in KC I get BBQ beef ribs. I think they're done best there. Just my Yankee opinion on BBQ.


I oppose the idea of giving Israel two more US Senate seats. Don't they already have a veto-proof majority? Well, on second thought, I guess the South Carolina or Alabama Senators are already on AIPAC's hip pocket list when it comes to Israel matters. Haaretz reported today that Democrats in the Senate were, however, so offended by the Boehner-Netanyahu antics of bypassing the White House to invite him March 3 to address a joint session of Congress two weeks to the day before Israeli elections, that Democrats dropped their support for new sanctions legislation against Iran. The issue was not about Obama and Netanyahu's personality conflicts. Boehner and Netanyahu and AIPAC deeply offended the institution of the presidency by their actions and this strikes a much deeper chord for Americans. Israel is making self-destructive blunders. It doesn't help that they are in bed with the Al Nusra Front in the Golan Heights, which even the UN monitors report. Excessive chutzpah can cause blindness. Netanyahu should see his eye doctor.


nick b

I stand corrected on the BBQ front. My favorite is pulled beef. pl

William R. Cumming

P.L. and ALL: Is it accurate that one/third of Israeli citizens and residents carry US Passports?

What is the Israeli position on Russia signing an agreement with Iran to fund, build, and operate 8 new nuclear power reactors over the next 25 years?

I am also informed that Israeli organized crime and Russian organized crime are inextricably linked and wonder if this is accurate? My source is a retired FBI official.


Sand Mtn.
Old Testament-based snake-handling is a local tradition.


Israeli organized crime owned the ecstasy market in California a while back. There was indeed some circumstantial evidence that Russian mobsters would emigrate to Israel and thence to America, which made Sen. Boxer's proposal for open visas for Israelis such a bad idea.

Babak Makkinejad

I had read, 20 years ago, that 25% of Israel population lives outside of Israel.

By itself is not that significant, many small counties - like Lebanon for example, produce a lot of emigrants.

I would not be surprised that the majority of Israel emigrants hold US passports.

In case of Lebanon & Syria & Palestine, many moved to Latin American states.

Charles I



Israeli Police: Russian Mafia Is Infiltrating:


How Russia's mafia is taking over Israel's underworld:




A more florid take:



Col. Lang and All!



Don't forget human and organ traffic.



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