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06 January 2015


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McClatchy's report: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2015/01/07/252225_gunmen-in-paris-terror-attack.html?rh=1

robt willmann

Here is an article about the criminal attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in France, talking about how the attackers behaved as if they had combat experience and extensive training, and that they spoke perfect French--




I recognize the possibilities but if you are going to accuse you need some evidence. The fact that they went in the wrong door is significant. pl

alba etie

If Bushcheney had only occupied Riyahd instead of Baghdad...

different clue

Stuart Wood,

The problem is that it is ISIS sympathizers that KSA is full of. If the House of Saud falls, it won't be to any modernizing moderating force. It will be to the most ultrapurified Wahhabi Salafi enforcers of Islamic State. Whatever the KSA is doing against humanity now will be far exceeded by the much better organized and motivated actions against humanity that Islamic State will conduct when it has all the money/resources of KSA at its command.

If KSA goes, we may take joy in their comeuppance for a while. But in the long run, we will miss it when its gone.

different clue


If it turns out to be Al Qaeda, would they have done it to regain some visible credibility as against ISIS in order to reclaim some mindshare/marketshare among recruitable radicalizable youth?

The Beaver


In addition, they've left ID cards in one of the getaway car:


Thanks for the link. The article explains why the Saudi’s have no incentive to cut back on production to raise the price of petroleum. But, the fall in the price of petroleum is still an attack on the higher priced producers; Brazil, Alberta and North Dakota. The world is headed for global turmoil and high price shale and oil sand producers face bankruptcy which will kill America’s, so called, economic recovery. This also explains the deathly quiet in the West as Saudi Arabia screws us again. Meanwhile the sanctions against Iran and Russia continue.

The House of Saud jumped onto the back of a Tiger by supporting ISIS. They are facing a deadly ride. The collapse of their oil income, blood enemies at the gate, and the world in chaos, does not bode well for the oil princes keeping their heads attached.


The Police have identified the attackers- no further on what, if any organization they identify with.


21.30. The three suspects have been identified. This is Said K., born in 1980 in Paris, Sherif K., born in 1982 in Paris and Hamyd M., born in 1996. All three are from Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine).


Liberation reported this from a mail carrier--they did not know where the entrance ot Charlie Hebdo was.

A mail carrier has also witnessed the event. In shock, she says: " I was in the building adjoining the writing of Charlie Hebdo during my tour. I saw two men in black, heavily armed and hooded, enter. They asked where was the entrance of Charlie Hebdo because they did not know where it was. They fired shots to impress us " , she said breathlessly.


Dear Colonel,

I have noticed that the pro-admin media these days tends to be much more aligned on the democratic side (republicans are famous on talking points, which John Stewart rightfully lampoons), thus I agree that when several pro democratic administrators talking points show up widely they reflect thinking from the top.

What I find amazing is that the discussion from the rear admiral (and others following the admin. talking point) bases the "ISIS lost momentum - meme" on events in Iraq, when ISIS clearly considers (and quite openly) the battlefield to include Syria, and into neighboring countries Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Considering logistics of Iraq isolated from Syria is guaranteed to create flawed policy.

Stuart Wood: Sympathy is irrelevant in foreign policy. Nations have interests.


Mighty thoughtful of them to do that.


It will be instructive as to how the French Government and the public comport themselves after this attack. I would hope with dignity and in a dispassionate way, not with screaming hysterics.

It is reported that one of the gunmen has priors for terrorism offences - he did 18 months jail for funnelling support to insurgents in Iraq......He claimed at his trial that he was radicalized by the torture at Al Ghraib....



THAT was quick.


Bread crumbs that led to their capture? I almost want to laugh since I've heard of their training and skill all day.
I've read that two of them fought against Assad in Syria.

Let me remind you who supports THEM!


Note who they never attack.

Netanyahu after Paris attack: Israel not prime target for terrorists

I'm with Phil. I want them to leave us all alone!


different clue


The richest of the KSA family members will be spirited to safety if necessary, along with all their personal money. They won't look back.

With apologies to Herman Melville . . . " Big Money all over the world stands hand in hand, and one shock of recognition runs the whole circle round."



Or GHWB leaving Kuwait in Saddam's hands. There was never any threat of an IS group from his government.



The French will not be cowering like the folks in Boston did.

FB Ali

Babak Makkinejad,

"There is no intellectual basis for challenging ISIS practices within Sunni Islam"

I'm afraid, in your zeal to burnish the credentials of 'Shia Islam', you are seriously misrepresenting the facts. In your statement (quoted above), if you had referred to the Wahabbi (or Salafi) doctrine, you would have been correct. But that does NOT apply to Sunni Islam across the board.

There are numerous strands of Sunni doctrine and practice that would (and do) oppose and reject the Wahabbi and Salafi version.

Babak Makkinejad

Please produce them.

Let us take Slavery...is it against Islam or is it endorsed by Islam.

If it is against Islam, why had it been permitted to last for so long.

If its is endorsed by Islam, per the claims of Fiqh, it ought to be available in all Muslims state; for the claim is that Fiqh is true and binding for all times and all places.


You are absolutely correct. Nations have interests. My personal sympathy is a different matter.



What is good for goose is good for gander. Which shia scholarly authority of note has taken a clear stand on slavery by fully condemning slave taking, slave holding and sexual slavery conducted by Prophet and his companions? Please provide proof of that condemnation. I would treat your proof with twice as much credibility if that name and shame list includes Ali who also held slaves.

All scholars be it shia or sunni explain away slavery in a naunced fashion by pointing to islamic injunctions for treating slaves with dignity and for encouraging manumissions.

Babak Makkinejad

Per the ruling of Ayatollah Khomeini, the secondary rulings of Islam could be suspended indefinitely for reasons of (an Islamic) state.

That is the crucial break with 1400 years of Islamic Tradition - Shia or Sunni.


That's nothing fundamentally unique. Mostly Sunnis abhore temporary marriage (misyar/muttah) which was not prohibited by prophet and Quran.

You have still not shown me the moral clarity in shia Islam that would make it demonstrably different from sunni Islam. Americans openly point out the hypocrisy of slave owning founders taking the cause of liberty. Show me where does shia Islam shows similar moral clarity.

Who is bigger authority in shia Islam ? Prophet or Khomeini?

All this hand waving about suspending secondary rulings is no different from acrobats of sunni ulemas.

Babak Makkinejad

I did not claim that Shia Muslim Doctors are in possession of superior moral clarity.

Only that the Shia left the determination of what is Islam to their Doctors of Religion and thus, effectively, removed the possibility of 3 Muslims going into a room and deciding that they are the only true (Shia) Muslims and call anathema on others.

Once the determination of what is Islam is taken out of the hands of the lay persons - non-specialists - stable political systems could, in principle, be built on such foundations.

The difference between the Sunni autocrats and Ayatollah Khomeini is that he had moral, spiritual and political authority combined.

Funny thing you mention "temporary marriage"; there was this Iranian fellow in US who was enamored of an American woman and he basically went to her and proposed to he, within US legal framework, a (marriage) contract that was based on Shia Temporary marriage contracts.

And she accepted that.


Thank you for your response.

I would argue that vesting of religious authority into 'religious doctors' is actually a huge hurdle in the change of attitudes of Muslims.

Take the example of permissible age of marriage. In a religion crazy country like Pakistan it is set to 18. The mullahs very much would like it to be reduced to 9 years of age and an official mullah from council of Islamic ideology very publicly complained about it causing a major backlash in media.
In Iran the age of marriage is set to 13 for girls and with permission of guardian it can be even less than that. If I am not wrong the age was lowered to 9 by Khomeini and his defence of paedophelia is highly controversial in this regard.
Having talked to so many young Iranians I am certain that general Iranian population has moved on from such ancient and outdated mindset and given a chance will completely throw them out from legal system.

However, due to supremacy of clerical elite their legal system is being hostage to stone age mindset. It is in stark contrast to Pakistan where maulana sherani of iic was lampooned for demanding lowering of age to 9 and is helpless in changing law that is more in sync with modern times.

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