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12 January 2015


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Phil Cattar

It was arragined too fast for Obama to feel comfortable about.He likes staged events where he is in charge and the center of attention.He does not do anything spontaneous if he can help it.....................With no facts to back up my ideas Ive always felt he goes to Hawaii every Christmas to avoid having to be involved with any Christmas like activities.Hawaii being about as not Christmas- like as you can get .He is one contrived man.

Hank Foresman

The outcome of this faux pas is quite interesting as both the left and the right are in agreement that the White House porked the pooch.
I sometimes wonder if the protection we provide the President is not overblown--clearly I do not want to see anything happen to the President but we do have a constitutional mechanism to provide for succession. (I remember an excellent George Will piece thirty or so years ago on this same subject--when he was not a curmudgeon.)


"when a POTUS attends an event, the security requirements go up signifcantly"

Or excessively. During the 1999 G8 meeting in Cologne Clinton stayed in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, right next to the Hohenzollernbrücke.

US secret service demanded the bridge be closed.

The Hohenzollernbrücke is a railway bridge, leading straight to Cologne central station just across the river from the hotel. Cologne central station is used by 280.000 people every day and one of the five most frequented in Germany. The bridge itself is also one of the most used in Germany, carrying 1220 trains a day and more than a million people.

I write that to illustrate that satisfying that security demand would have essentially brought a larger part of western Germany to a standstill.

The US eventually relented. But there you go.


The White House won't admit it but just like Netanyahoo Obama was simply NOT invited.

Hollande tried to keep the current "biggest killers of Muslims" away.


No one of those "world leaders" attended the march anyway. It was just a photo-opportunity (or photo information operation) in a heavily guarded street away from the march.



Well, Bibi's conduct is sure worth mentioning in some detail, after all, what a tale!

* The French explicitly asked Bibi not to come.

* Apparently, Bibi felt he must go anyway, in order to not be outmourned by Liebermann and Benett, who had announbced their participation.

* So to France he went.

* The French, pissed, invited Abbas and put him in the first row of the march, and put Bibi in the second row.

* Undaunted, during the march Bibi maneuvers himself into the first row (amusingly, so did fellow egomaniac, Sarcozy).

* His office then publishes a photo of Bibi in the march, cropping out Abbas.

* Bibi then uses the opportunity during a memorial ceremony at the Grand Synagogue in Paris to call on French Jews emigrate to Israel.

Bibi, the guest from hell ...





As for the US no show, they should have known better. If it's safe for ten heads of state, it's safe enough for eleven. The US missed an opportunity to make a guesture, and that isn't coming back.

That they only sent, of all people, Nuland, and someone as junior as Nuland, speaks for itself.



"Vive Quebec! Vive Quebec libre!" Another guest from hell. pl




But the only sources for the Bibi story seem to be foreign - mostly Israeli and a few Asian. May only be an artifact of the way Google News presents its information. GN either discontinued or buried their coverage graph feature. US CorpsMedia outlets seem to be noising/hyping the Obama f/u aspect.

Wouldn't Obama have consulted his Maroon Guard about going to Paris? Somebody thought sending Nuland was the right thing to do.


Pat, but he did have one hell of a nose.


Sarcozy, the Chris Christie of my ancestral homeland. At least in ego size. I'm surprised Jerry Jones wasn't crushed when CC jumped on him.


There is a large segment of the population who feels that US is dragging E.U. into it's little adventures in Eastern block and the Middle-East, in order to stifle a competitor. No one needs saving from anyone in Europe. If there would have been no Libya, no Iraq and no Syria (… who is responsible for that ;-) ) , there would have been a much smaller refugee and immigrant population in Europe to begin with.

In Europe, it is felt that US wages the wars and they pay the civilian price. I am not standing in the way but, as a "triple-national" myself, I don't want to pay for other people's adventures.

I would say, "let's not play with scorpions if you don't want to be be surprised with a sting".


Of the world leaders who did manage to attend in support of free speech, many were some of the worst opponents of free speech in their home countries, as the WAPO pointed out: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2015/01/11/the-free-speech-hypocrisy-of-some-world-leaders-marching-in-paris/?wpisrc=nl_wv&wpmm=1


Looking again at that TV wide shot that shows the quarantined dignitaries ... it did accomplish one thing (from the Department of Wild Guesses): It kept the public well away from Netanyahu and neutralized his chutzbah + provocation by preventing incidents that he could claim was antisemitism (whiplash).


He should advise Benjamin Mileikowsky (a.k. Netan-Yahoo) should have been advised to stop supporting terrorist ( http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/.premium-1.630359 ).

Instead he mocked the memory of the killed writers, by juxtapositioning their murder against the slaughter in Gaza through his mere presence. The latter sounds complicated but I can only imagine the reaction of average 3rd & 4th generation descendants of disaffected Harkis in the banlieues.

Obviously this is not out his ignorance but intentional inflammation of the situation as is his support for the Syrian terrorists. And this is the reason why Hollandaise did not want him there.

Playing both sides against eachother works, as long as you are not in the internet-age but now, he will be seen (hopefully) as the problem.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

My hunch is that no one was minding the store at the White House. Also, Kerry was, I think somewhere in "the back of beyond" 12 or so time zones away(as usual). Actually, I think that the American ambassador to France would have been adequate representation. Dispatching Victoria (Fuck the EU)Nuland smacks of a farce.

Speaking of a farce,the vision of Netanyahu elbowing his way to the front row is hilarious and would be perfect material for a satirical cartoon in "Charlie Hebdo", assuming there are any cartoonists left. It also fits a regrettable stereotype.



With the Netanyahoo all that interests him is 'Is it good for the Netanyahoo?' and 'Is it good for Israel?'.

The second Paris terrorist incident targetet a kosher supermarket merely underlines the views he already holds: Gentiles cannot be trusted; Jews are only safe in Israel.

To a nationalist fanatic thus the Paris crimes have practical benefits, since they likely will result in at least some French Jews to emigrate to Israel who otherwise wouldn't, and is that not good for Israel?

That was what that most noteworthy segment of the speech he gave at the synagogue was about.

"these days we are blessed with another privilege, a privilege that didn’t exist for generations of Jews – the privilege to join their brothers and sisters in their historic homeland of Israel."

That and the coming Israeli election is all Bibi cares about.

And building on that logic:

The worse it gets for Jews in Europe and the rest of the world, the better for Israel - after all that provides more immigration to Israel, and underlines the asertions that the gentiles cannot be trusted to protect Jews and that Israel must exist for Jews to be safe.

It caused an outrage with the right in Israel when Israeli Jews living in Berlin compared the quality of life and lower prices in Berlin favourably with Israel.


To folks like Bibi Israelis emigrating from Israel are traitors to the zionist cause, even more so if they go to Germany.

So, should there be a terrorist attack in Berlin (hopefully not) we'll see a repeat of the Paris performance.


In reply to William R. Cumming 12 January 2015 at 01:12 PM

"The Europeans [new or old] are not trusted by the US!"

This is increasingly mutual and is likely to turn into hostility.



I think Obama would be damned if he went or not. I agree that Netanyahu looked like a bloated ego marching in the front line, waving at the crown. I think it quite appropriate that Obama didn't attend, it wasn't about us it was about France. I do agree thought that Bill Clinton would have been a good choice to attend or Biden.


More like a child.


As it turned out, Bibi's trip to Paris was a PR disaster- video of him elbowing his way into the front line, waving to the crowd while the other marchers kept their composure and missing the bus and standing around with his security detail is echoing around Israel. That and the fact that Abbbas had to be invited and was also in the front row with Bibi made this a disaster for him.


Check the link of Bibi elbowing is way to the front of the march, to the tune of "Looney Tunes." That has gone viral


It's just my opinion, but President Obama could never go, I agree Clinton should have been sent.

The physical problems of securing President Obama for a Paris March in my opinion would be insurmountable I imagine that the Banlieus would have erupted Thousands who would try to get at him.

Then there is the French Left who would see him as one of the authors of this tragedy in the first place and regard his participation as hypocrisy.

Charles I

How to win friends and influence people. . .



And VP Biden was just oh so busy. Meanwhile the people in those countries whose heads of state get the idea reinforced that the US really does hold them in contempt.

different clue

I suspect part of the Israeli right-wing displeasure with the Israeli Berliners pointing out the better standard of living in Berlin could be this: the lower standard of living in Israel could be partly due to Israel paying billions of dollars and millions of man-hours to defend and protect the Price-Taggers and other outlaw criminal settlers in the Occupied West Bank and Illegaly "Annexed" East Jerusalem. And the Israeli Berliners are inviting their Israeli audience to dare and make that connection. The more Israelis make that connection, the more beyond-furious the Netanyahoodlums will become.

Swami Bhut Jolokia

Amusing to hear all the support for the French from the neocon pundits and other right-wing types. Just 10 years ago we were eating Freedom Fries. Now they are complaining we did not respect the French.

Political opportunism. The best kind!

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