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29 January 2015


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FB Ali

It seems all the Five Eyes countries have prohibitions against the domestic agency spying on its own citizens. So....

They conveniently get around that by one or more of the others doing the snooping and then sharing the results.

Voila! (What's not to like?)


FB Ali
"... have prohibitions against the domestic agency spying on its own citizens" Not so, generally it is the specific duty of the police to monitor internal communications often with a judge's writ. pl


Well monitoring Canadian passenger devices at Canada's busiest airport via wifi was legal. What's to worry about bloody quibblers only Bill Clinton and terrorists argues about what the meaning of "is" is.



Are there any men in the US Congress? Or the whole bunch is under Israeli surveillance?
Here is the latest article about Israel/US strange relationship: http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/01/29/benjamin-netanyahu-the-anti-american-obstructionist/


And so it is in Canada. The RCMP, not CSE (Communications Security Establishment) or CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) do all domestic surveillance and law enforcement (as far as I know).

CSE is like the American's NSA;
CSIS is like CIA;
RCMP is like the FBI, but probably much more powerful, in the legal (not operational) sense due to constitutional differences between the countries.

A lot of people think that Canada is a country run according to the rule of law guided by parliament. It is rapidly changing: it is increasingly being run much in the spirit of a Kingdom, with the Prime Minister as King and parliament irrelevant.

(Technically, it is a Kingdom of course, with QE II being the Queen of Canada and Head of State. But she only acts according the will of the Canadian parliament.)


I believe Dick Marcinko was saying around 2000 that the U.S. spies on British pubs for the U.K., and Britain spies on the U.S. The implication was continually, using aural pickups, with computer processing on the back end to handle the volume. Take with grain of salt, FWIW, could be wish-fulfillment science fiction, but seems plausible.

I seem to remember the U.S. queried Britain after 9/11. HTH.


There was a very good editorial in the Globe and Mail (Toronto) about new powers the Prime Minister proposes to give CSIS, including enforcement powers presently reserved for the RCMP. It criticizes our PM's fear mongering.


Political events in Canada often seem like they are on a 4 year time-delay relative to the US. We're still firmly in our Bush phase.

Charles I

Says here the power company knows all, and aims to know more:


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