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19 December 2014


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Maureen Lang

Thanks for the crèche levity, TTG- didn't just bring a smile, but a loud "Ha!" from my better half.

Hope you & yours are having a very merry time of it this Christmas season.

robt willmann

Here is 2 minutes and 59 seconds of light Christmas cheer from the great Ella--



TTG et al,

Linksmu Svenciu... translated: Happy Holidays!



It looks like an ANRI set. This is high end stuff. pl

The Twisted Genius

This is a Goebel set we acquired many years ago, probably while stationed in Hawaii. We added the camel and an additional lamb later. In Germany we got to know some of the Goebel painters including their #1 master painter at the time. He shepherded a large piece through the final firings and made sure it got to us after we watched him paint the piece in Karlsruhe. We love the style.

We do have a couple of ANRI carvings. They are exquisite.



I have the foot tall king and knight from the ANRI chess set. We also have thw foot tali Magi from ANRI. We bought them in a town outside in one of little towns in the Dolomites. Santa Caterina .... There was a fifteen foot tall statue of a centurion in the square. The very fair, black haired people in the store all spoke Ladin as well as German and Italian. pl


Very nice, but where's the Gecko? Couldn't help that one, just keeping up with the spirit of impertinence. Merry Christmas TTG.

Maureen Lang

Now that you've given license for more impertinence, Fred:

Mr. Bean's Nativity Scene (in which a Dr. Who Dalek & Godzilla, among others, make appearances)


It's fascinating when you come into the border regions of Germany - where we meet France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and so forth.

In places like that, take the town of Eupen in Belgium, people switch effortlessly, often in mid sentence, between Flemish, German or French to include newcomers.

And re fair and black haired - there is that type of folk in the Alps. Makes for beautiful women.



That was quite good. Wouldn't you know there's always a bobby around to stop the hi-jinx.

The Twisted Genius


Mr. Bean's nativity scene was hilarious. I got a good, loud laugh out of it. Especially since I'm a long time Whovian. Thanks.

Tonight, while returning from my younger son's house outside Richmond, my wife and I enjoyed some good views of Richmond's Grand Illumination. The office buildings are outlined in lights and can be seen from several vantage points around the city. The view up the James River is quite spectacular.


Maureen Lang

Glad you enjoyed the Mr. Bean vid, TTG. It seems to show up in my email every Christmas these past few years, so passed it on.

The Google Images of RVA's Grand Illumination look really amazing- thanks for the link, since had not heard of the event.

The closest I've ever come to Richmond was via Skype participation at the AMIA Conference back in November. Maybe next time I visit Pat I'll manage to swing on down there- looks like a great place.


Merry Christmas all...hey, I made it in by Epiphany :)

The Twisted Genius


Yes you did. Merry Christmas. As far as I'm concerned, it's still the Christmas season until after the Epiphany or Little Christmas. I'm keeping my lights on for a few more days after that just because they look so nice. The tree will be up even longer.


May your days be merry and bright :)

William Fitzgerald


re Fair and black haired - also in Nieder Bayern.



A warm, safe and cherished Christmas to you all.

Charles Dekle

TTG, Col Lang and all,
My wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Ich wünsche Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr! We loved the Christmas markets while living in Germany. Our favorite is at Nuremberg.


The Twisted Genius

Charles Dekle,

Ah, the Christkindl markets in Germany! They are magical. The rows of red and white striped tents in Nuremberg are especially cheerful. My favorites were the small local celebrations wherever I lived. We would meet all our neighbors every night drinking Glühwein, eating all manner of German street food and reveling in the festiveness of the season.


Good one--
Off topic but timely to note in re: Cuba and probably is under the radar.

"Colombia's FARC rebels call conditional unlimited ceasefire
By Julia Symmes Cobb and Peter Murphy

BOGOTA Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:08pm EST"



"In Colombia, the top ally of the United States in South America, the new policy could spur peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, to end the region’s longest-running guerrilla war.

Cuba, which long supported FARC, has played a central role in the talks by helping to bring the two sides to the table for negotiations, which are taking place in Havana. Many analysts thought that Cuba’s role was part of a broader strategy to soften its profile and convince Washington that it could play a constructive role in the hemisphere, where it had once sought to stir violent revolution."


If Cuba has changed it's policy on exporting revolution to US allies and is now being constructive in ending the civil wars in places like Columbia, that's a policy concession that by itself justifies a change in US policy to Cuba on the merits.

FB Ali

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Charles Dekle

We lived outside Baumholder in Bedesbach and in St Leon-Rot outside of Heidelberg. Those were wonderful times and I loved our little village festivals. The local blacksmith would always have a tent where he would make wrought iron items during the day. We would drink Glühwein with brandy in it, eat, and talk with our neighbors. It was a wonderful 5 years and I wish that we still lived there.

In Bedesbach, several of our more senior neighbors were former POWs in America during WW II. They always insisted that we sit and drink with them so that they could reminisce about their experiences. It is a funny old world.

Best regards,

Charles I

Merry Christmas and holidays to all from Muskoka


Pat, TTG, SSTers

Best wishes & Merry Christmas!

My growing brood of little one's are going to be spending the holidays at the ranch. I am reminded of my grandpa "Pops" and his storytelling that mesmerized us. The classics were his forte. Times have changed for sure. My generation on have discarded the values he held dear. Maybe the little one's can restore them!



Wishing everyone peace and good health at Christmas and into the new year!

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