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29 December 2014


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Ishmael Zechariah

Col. Lang,

Might not an AFPAK team with General Ali commenting be a worthwhile addition?

Looking forward to the exercise.

Ishmael Zechariah


Dear Colonel,

Please also share the overall war game time frame (start to finish - how many days) and pace of play (how many days between turns) of the war game as that might be helpful for potential volunteers to ensure they are not overcommitting.



I have a lot on my plate just now. I anticipate a real world time start on this game as of ! February with the game played for three moves over a real world time period of a week. I will add an Af/Pak team. some have suggested a proliferation of single country teams. I doubt that I will do that. If there are a large number of teams the logistical problem of waiting for responses is likely to become overwhelming. pl


Submitted as information for the upcoming game.


Charlie Wilson

Colonel, could I please represent Taliban since they just castrated almighty OTAN.


Col., How about the 2 factions of Kurdistan, the Iraqi Kurds and the Syrian Kurds? They have been carrying the brunt of the fighting...

Babak Makkinejad

There are many tribal factions among Kurds - many more than 2.


Magreb, AQIM, Shaabab, Azwadian separatists, BHaram-a sub-SahSahelian soft underbelly perhaps ? Just a thought.
Wishing you and the SST correspondence committee a prosperous New Year ahead....



Well first I thought about taking the role of PR China.

However, since China is not present here - that looks to me a bit like playing WWII without Germans - I'ld maybe opt for one of China's clients, let's say Iran, or maybe Syria or Russia.


"makosog said...

Col., How about the 2 factions of Kurdistan..."

What I meant were the 2 main factions...



There are two main political factions among IRAQI Kurds. In addition there are several factions of SYRIAN Kurds. Then there is also the religious division among Sunni Kurds (more than 80%), Shia Kurds 15%, Yazidis, etc. Then, there are tribal and clan divisions - What are you referring to? pl


The Syrian Kurds under Abdullah Öcalan and the Iraqi Kurds under President Masoud Barzani.


It is nearly a day old news but I haven't seen it posted here at SST. Looks like ISIS has launched its first attack on Saudi guards

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