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25 December 2014


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RT- Russian media- reports this also, but seems to be based in part on the Iranian source.

Charles I

"They want to win and they are ready to die’: Lessons from 10 days with the Islamic State"


German author Jürgen Todenhöfer spent 10 days with Islamic State group fighters inside Syria and Iraq after securing a safety guarantee from its leadership. He tells Gwen Ifill what he saw and what he thinks about the militant group’s capability."

He compared them to a nuclear bomb.


There is more to the story with Todenhoefer....he is not 'ust a journalist or author. He is a former long-time German politician- a CDU member of parliament for almost two decades. He was also a strong critic of the Bush administration's war in Iraq. When he went into IS territory, his son was also along with him. A huge risk, one would think.


the previous report in Oct 2014, turned out to be trustworthy. Why would the newsagency come up with nonsense now or why would Daesh suddenly develop scruples?

Stan Henning

I feel that, no matter what, this sickening activity in the Middle East reflects the lowest level of human environment I have ever seen - an environment to avoid at best. Awful and sad it is.

FB Ali

You do realise, I hope, that this "sickening activity" commenced with the US's invasion of Iraq. All that has happened since flowed from that.

It is unfortunate that Cheney and Bush did not see it then as you do now: "an environment to avoid at best"!


Really weird, I also watched a German language interview with Todenhöfer, and in both cases, the reporter asked Todenhöfer how it could be that he came back to tell the tale, whether he allowed himself to be instrumentalised (implying that otherwise, he must secretly sympathise).

You could exchange the German and tghe Americn TV person for another and the interview would not change. They both treated Todenhöfer with suspicion.


Todenhöfer's point was simple enough - that ISIS fighters had a 'rauschhaft' (high-like) confidence of victory, are very much underestimated and that they planned, and openly said sone if one asked them, to cleanse the Islamic world (and what in the past has been the Islamic world, from anything that wasn't their brand of Islam or one of the two other religions of the book, and all of that in pursuit of salvation. He sais they even speak of numbers - a hundred or a hundred-and-fifty, five hundred million people.

Of course, talk is talk, but simply put, beyond words, judging by their massacres in Syria and Iraq, ISIS has a program of genocide, that easily surpasses everything the nazis did. The German interviewer just like the American one, were unable to grasp this.

Too simple and monstrous a truth to comprehend?

Another interesting assement by Todenhöfer: He doesn't think ISIS returners are the threat - he said to ISIS they are the losers who didn't make it in Syria and washed out - but those who wanted to make a name of themselves before joining ISIS.

Todenhöfer judges ISI to be the most dangerous Islamic movement of the last 100 years, and says they are the most effective guerrilla force he's ever seen, and he has been around. The man is worth listening to.


Another Interview:



no surprising. Chlorine can not be very difficult substance to use since from what I have heard.

"killed at least 300 Iraqi soldiers in a chlorine gas attack"

I was under the impression that chlorine is not very effective as a chemical weapon unless you are inside a building or cave.

On other news a AirAsia Airbus with 162 on-board have gone missing. Interestingly it is also a Malaysian air line.

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