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06 December 2014


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It goes both ways. I saw this thing going around the web questioning people about a man who watched a pregnant women texting her lover while sitting next to her husband or boyfriend at a football game.
The observer slipped the guy a note to check the ladies cell phone later. Oh. I'd say a paternity test would also be in order.

I did watch some of the CNN last night with the Cosby accusers. One saw him more than once. Others held up their hands saying that they thought they would benefit from being in his company. SMH!



Been DNA tested? pl



You didn't bother to read the blog or comments did you? See the comment from "Tidewater" above where that case is called out - time stamped at 07 December 2014 at 02:46 AM

No one other than you has stated or implied that nothing ever happened at UVA. how time flies. Perhaps you could tell us about Obama fund-raiser and accused child rapist Terry Bean? Apparently being a gay rights activist who raised over half a million dollars for President Obama's 2012 campaign isn't worth a story from Rolling Stone. I certainly hope the next story is about an Obama signing a pardon for him.



Col. Lang,

I haven't been to the site that you suggested yet. As I mentioned, I have used two other sites for testing. One was Family Tree DNA and I can't remember the name of the first company I used ten years ago after reading an article about a white professor who discovered otherwise. He had the Duffy gene and was shocked.


Looks like the answer is no:



A further update:


Jury finds Rolling Stone liable for defamation.
"A federal jury in Virginia found Friday that Rolling Stone magazine, parent company Wenner Media and reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely were liable for defamation."


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