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01 December 2014


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The "f-up" in Syria not only shows the poor level of performance of the CIA but also the marginal role being played by "moderates" in the Syrian resistance.

However, it seems that the CIA (a separate division?) also seems to recognise this fact, and works around it. These are the people running the rebel training and base camps in Jordan. They train and equip vetted "moderates" in these camps and send them out to operate in Syria, knowing that pretty soon they'll hand over their weapons to Jihadi fighters and join them.

What seems to matter is results (ie, wresting territory from the regime), without much concern for who achieves them. When these results rebound and bite the US in the rear, hopefully it'll be someone else who'll have to deal with that. These guys will be resting on their laurels, enjoying their promotions and awards.

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