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30 December 2014


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Ah, my college degree in Anthropology and focus of study in archaeology finally becomes useful!!

The whole 'good Indian, pure environment' movement is such utter garbage. Read (or listen) to the book 1491 for an eye opener on what the Americas were like before the Europeans had a major impact. Slavery, torture, conquests, massive environmental changes and, yes, very sophisticated civilizations.

A point that always amuses me. Poor white tail deer. We've done them so much harm! Well, as we excavated native sites in New England, we all finally came to a common question. Where the hell are the deer bones? Answer: there weren't very many because there weren't a lot of deer. Either that or the local tribes sucked at hunting. The real answer, of course, is that the environment at that time, with cathedral forests and the lack of a deer buffet in the way of European horticulture and ornamental shrubs, plus actual predators, meant there were far fewer deer around.

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