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14 December 2014


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Medicine Man

The idea that they may need briefings by the DoD on the consequences of nuclear war is a sobering thought for the rest of us.

Piotr, Poland

Sorry, Imagine, but you are absolutely wrong. It's not personal.
More - if you use superficial logic only, I should suport Russians, not Ukrainians, and thats why:


And this shuld give you guessing, why though knowing this, most Poles suport rather Ukraine than Russia in this conflict.
Same about Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians and Fins or Swedes too...What do we, Central Europeans and Scandinaves know about Russia, that you doesn't ?

Kwasniewski was the quite important member of the Communist Party before 1989.
I was always against him, and never voted for him.
As most of the ex-communist dignitaries, he is venal person, and goes everywhere he finds people ready to pay him for his political services...



Petrified Piotr is a Pom-Pom Propagator for Neo-World.


Obviously this can be construed as Russian propaganda but several of these appear real and not staged.
Putting German army style caps on children, torch marches, death to Russians... is behavior that is totally unacceptable in Western Europe countries or the US unless we are talking about countries that are set up for color revolutions and regime change.

Currently the intelligentsia (sic) in Western Europe is up in arms about the rise of anti-EU, anti immigration parties in France, Germany, Sweden, the UK ... yet when it comes to anti-Russian neo-nazi romantics in Ukraine s it is all OK.

Piotr, Poland

It's hard to imagine, I know, especially when you live somewhere in Dakota, Wyoming or Saskatchewan, that Russian neighbours can have totally different experiences with Putin's policy, you have.
Its not petrifing, its experience, man.
Putin doesn't send his jets near American skies, like he do regularly here:

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