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03 December 2014


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Unfortunately I doubt it would matter. Our current Jacobin duopoly would probably consider his views to be points in his favor for nomination. :(

William R. Cumming

"LURKS" not "LUCK"!



Thanks for pounding our heads against the wall with reality. There are three known problems. First are the transnationals in the White House who are directing the wars and who are supported by corporate money bags. They think nations, laws and strong borders are so old fashion. The reality is that only the nation states of Syria, Iran and Iraq can effectively fight the Islamic State. Anything else is a fantasy. Second, what in the hell is Saudi Arabia doing? Besides funding the startup of the Islamic State whose stated goal is their overthrow, they have just gone to war with North Dakota. Finally, all the realists, who have ever been shot at, will have retired from the civilian leadership of DOD. The chant to “Bomb, bomb, the Kremlin” will commence. Nuclear Winter approaches.



Since America signed the anti-mine treaty we've rather screwed the defenses of South Korea should a war brake out - or get started - by people like Mr. Carter.

Charles I

"The industrial part of the fabled military-industrial complex is said to be rejoicing about the prospect of this man handing out contracts."

So tall forehead Fareed Zakaria is on about this at WAPO today, saying, so far as I can tell, that 1) the Pentagon needs "reining in";

2)AC is the man to do it:

"The good news is that Carter has already been a reformer and, as deputy defense secretary, attempted to untangle the procurement process. McCain will soon be the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. And Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Tex.), who will lead the House equivalent, also appears to have a reformist bent."

BUT 3) in the very next sentence, it'll never happen:

"The problem is so immense, however, that it is too much to hope for more than tiny victories. Defense secretaries will come and go, but the military-industrial-congressional complex will live on."


We are doomed.


Charles I

FZ should stick to foreign affairs commentary. He wants to reduce military retirement benefits? He thinks the Pentagon is "out of control?" He also wants to re-structure American government. Laughable. pl

different clue

alba etie,

This "ape shit crazy" state of mind by the KSA
might be behind KSA's successful effort to muscle OPEC into not cutting production. They want to weaken Iran by reducing its oil receipts and they want to punish America for fighting KSA's beloved field-experiment known as IS. In the longer run, KSA hopes to keep the price of oil low enough long enough to exterminate enough unconventional oil production and alternative energy development to bring America into a posture of "petrobedience" to the KSA.

William R. Cumming

Two new points to consider! First rumors abound that SECDEF Hagel [in the chain of command] kept insisting for written orders and policies from the WH which refused to do on a consistent basis.

Second the revolving door employment at DoD of the nominee is going to receive close scrutiny including changes in Carter's net worth doing so!


Remember that FZ was borne in India and grew up in Mumbai (Bombay)...while having degrees from Harvard and Yale, he has no clue about a lot of things in America. I had the same thought as you..'laughable' is a charitable description.

William R. Cumming

I argue that the DoD should be divested of all it civil government functions [and perhaps its dual-hatted functions] and stick to war fighting!

ALL: would be interested in arguments either way?

alba etie

Yes DoD should be divested of all its civil government functions if it would stop retired Generals from being lobbyist for Boeing and the like . Why stop at DoD - former Homeland Security Director Chertoff made lots of money a few years back as a lobbyist for the full body x ray scanner that TSA was forced to put any to most of our airports .

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