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17 December 2014


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Grossman, the American "civilian" Kerry hugged on his return from 5 years in jail, worked for USAID. USAID paid Cuban rappers to spread freedom and democracy and insurgerection to the people God born to be free, but borned them in the wrong country. The Cubans discovered Grossman rigging a satellite
connection. He probably missed HBO.

robt willmann


Yes, Chet Baker, playing softly but with a full tone and sound, and improvising in the same style. Everything was exposed, so that the slightest glitch would stick out like a sore thumb, except that you would not hear any. No one could play "My Funny Valentine" like he could.

G. I. Hazeltine

Pray for peace is nice. But Caudillismio did I hear? I think the owner's Spanish is a little weak.

I looked up a few things. With Mexico as a reference. But do your own. Only a few minutes. Do 'life expectancy Cuba'. 'Doctors per thousand Cuba'. 'Literacy Cuba'. 'Women's rights Cuba'. 'Clean water Cuba'. 'Infant Mortality, Cuba'. Those kinds of things. Do it for Iraq and Libya too, though the high point in those places was some years ago. Before the Democrats.

And Mexico.

But do it for Cuba and Ebola. If you are historically minded, do it for Cuba and Angola.

I am very glad the owner did not participate in any of what he has mentioned, I wish him no ill, and am very glad he is here to provide us with a space to speak.


Nice to see this, and full credit to Obama for having the will to stand up to a loudmouth, manipulative minority that has had far too much say in determining American foreign policy.

But enough about the Israel firsters. First Cuba, then Palestine?


I will bet that some lawyers are, at this very moment perhaps, dusting off some old expropriation claims. There will be a 'general settlement' of claims...for sure. My two cents.

r whitman

Will they be called the Havana Revolutionaries ?


GI Hazeltin

My Spanish is quite good and I have little use for communist sympathizers. find somewhere else to express your admiration for the reds. I fought the Cubans and their pals all over Latin America and would have been happy to have contributed to destroying the present government of Cuba. That does not mean that I was looking forward to landing across a defended beach outside Havana. pl



I'm sure some prior Batista supporters in Miami and various expatriated Banana Republicans will be happy to oblige.




The beaver

@ r whitman

I doubt it is still there. You have to see some of the messes left over by the Soviets and most probably that mined ore must have been sold to some other countries or used by the companies doing explorations on and around the island.

John Minnerath

I was in high school when this guy Fidel Castro showed up and challenged the US backed dictator Batista in Cuba.
I spent much of the Missile Crisis out on the Tarmac at Fort Bragg with a full combat load getting on and off Hercs for a jump into Cuba.

This is not 1962 anymore! It's time for the US to quit treating Cuba as if it were some evil pariah just off our shores and get some normalized relations started.

I don't particularly like how this is being done right now, but let's get it done.

Allen Thomson

Of marginal relevance, in following this story I came across a Russian site for veterans of the Soviet forces in Cuba. It's, of course, in Russian and has a bunch of anecdotes, a few of which are interesting. But also a lot of pictures from the time, plus unit names, unit numbers (v/ch, aka FPN), etc. Worth checking out if you're into such stuff, or just nostalgic.







That's Gross.

Laura Wilson

Colonel--This is indeed a chance to hit the "reset" button. I hope our Cuban-American legislators can allow this to happen without drama. Heck, they might be able to get in early and "re-capitalize"! Glass half full syndrome.

The cultural positives are going to be outstanding…ballet, jazz, art! Viva!

alba etie

Col Lang
Will the Pope's endorsement of normalizing relations between Cuber and These United States have any positive effect on getting this deal through Congress?( Senator Rubio clearly is upset .) I would really like to go sports fishing someday in Cuber.


My father came to the US from Cuba in the early 1950's. He was not interested in politics as a young man. Cuba was a viciously backward, repressive and corrupt state subject to continued cycles of alternating corrupt populist and foreign-corporate/oligarchy-driven violent political overthrows and upheavals. Fidel Castro was just another in a long string of charismatic populist leaders. He was more a shrewd, egotistical, cunning (and lucky) pragmatist than an ideologue. For a long time in the '50's he had sought Washington's support, but was rebuffed by corporations who had Batista in their pocket. In fact, there was a lot of official US support for Castro early in the revolution, because Batista was not only corrupt, but incompetent. If another ideology had proved as useful in maintaining Castro's hold on power, he probably would have taken it. Under Castro, many things improved in many ways for the majority of Cubans, but he is no saint, and in his own way aggrandized himself and his pals and run his own corrupt dictatorship.

Anyway, FWIW, Casro was an acquaintance/friend of my father's older brother high school/early college, before becoming politically active. They all went to a movie together once. Much later, my parent's went to Cuba for their honeymoon in 1960. They took their car on the ferry that ran from Key West. This was in June, months before the blockade. Tensions were rising.

Thanks to the embargo, he never was able to go home again. He had opportunities later in life, but the thought of going to a home that was surely completely different from the home he remembered was too painful. If he was alive now, he would surely cry.

For myself, I only met my grandmother once before she died. I was in my late teens. I have never met more than half of my family. They all all live in Cuba, most of my uncles and aunts died before I could meet them.

This should have happened decades ago. Excuse my language, but those assholes in Miami should rot in hell for the bullshit they have put the innocent, every day people of both countries through. I have no love for Castro, but this never hurt him in the slightest. Many of us feel it helped him.

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