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20 November 2014


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different clue

I will support Webb's nomination effort through whichever party he wants to pursue it.

I hope he chooses to stay with the Democrats and fight through that party's process in hopes that he might permit or even assist a process of decontamination and detoxification of the party; and perhaps some remediation after that.

Pete Deer

Yes, I agree completely! Send the Clinton's, Bush's and their neocon syncophants into some safely out of the way sinecure with another useless think tank or "Public Affairs" foundation...anyplace where they could do the least damage.

I don't know if Jim Webb would be a good president, but given the crop of clowns from both parties getting ready to run, he has the kind of experience and gravitas that I think the next occupant of the Oval office so desperately needs.


William R. Cumming



I will certainly give him a good look.


He's got my vote. Hope he saved a flak jacket - he'll need it.

Mark Gaughan

Jim Webb is someone that I would actually want to vote for.


In his video, he asks for the opportunity to earn my trust. Opportunity given.



IMO Webb will stick with the Democrats but, I, too, would vote for him on either ticket. pl

Andy Mink

Exciting news. I met Jim Webb in early Oct 2006 on a flight from DC to Roanoke to cover this Senate campaign and got to talk to him a bit. I had read his “Born Fighting” and he was wearig his son´s desert army boots. I found him very impressive and a good campaigner at some events in Roanoke. He went out to look at hunting rifles with Dave “Mudcat” Saunders that afternoon instead of strategizing. I found his argument about looking out for working people instead of harping around on all of these “culture war” issues (while letting the inequality grow) the only way forward for the Democrats. If I had been in my twenties, I´d volunteered to work for him.

Interestingly, I drove up to Gate City in SW Virginia (where his family hails from) very early the next day and chatted with some older guys and the sheriff in a breakfast place there. They did not care about Webb or his roots one bit and were all enthused about Sen. George Allen who had been there recently and asked the Sheriff for some chewing tobacco first thing when he got out of his campaign plane or helicopter.

If I remember correctly, Webb won his seat very narrowly with votes in the liberal, urban areas around DC. So he might have a lot of convincing to do with working class Whites in the South and beyond. But he is much better equipped to do that than Hillary Clinton.



I find Webb attractive from what I know of him I fear that the Democrats face a very uphill battle, especially given Obama's past almost six years in office, and with more divisive issues confronting them not to mention the redistricting. I came across this today from Charles Blow on the NYTimes: http://tinyurl.com/lu62j57.

different clue

Andy Mink,

Has anyone done specifically question-asking studies asking the SouthWest Virginians what they saw and preferred more about Allen? Or what they saw lacking in Webb? Or what they specifically saw in or about Webb that they did not like?

Did anyone ever go there and ask those questions?


We can only hope and pray that a new leadership will rise in our Country...


I'm sure when Hilary goes to Hollywood she will be feted by the A list. If Jim Webb goes he will make the White list - if you're white, you're out of sight.


Absolutely positively has my vote for President. We need a man on the horse and I trust Webb far more than I could ever trust any of the current crop of aspirants. I think Webb is going to make us make him run... just as he did for in 2006 when he ran for Senate. And that is good because it builds a very strong grassroots effort that is far less immune to the sway of the corporate money that will surely flow to Hillary and Jeb.



Webb is obviously a fine man. He will challenge HRC on economic issues and her inveterate hawkishness and that will be great.However,he only won his Senate seat by the skin of his teeth in a big year for Democrats, and even then maybe only because George Allen could never escape the Macaca business.He also doesn't seem to have been a very engaged senator -- except for his few pet issues, he wasn't all that focused on the job.Of course, neither was Obama.

We'll see if he really has what it takes to win this kind of marathon. But in any case I'm glad his hat is in the ring and I like his nerve in going first.

Webb did not do particularly well among working-class voters during his lone campaign, but you never know.


Either ticket....he's got my trust. He'll have to lose it. He's got it.


I would very much like to see several candidates vying for the nomination for Democratic party. I think there needs to be some sorting out of ideas, especially around foreign policy, and we will not get that if there is a coronation of one candidate without some competition.

The Republican party is a different matter. I don't think there's much of a difference in publicly-stated policy positions from the likely candidates right now, and in any event all candidates will have to hew quite a bit to the right to get the nomination. It will then be interesting to see if the nominee can moderate positions and win the center of the country at large in the general election.


The problem with Webb is that he doesn't know what he wants to do when he grows up.
He's a flake.
First, he's a half-assed Republican, then he's a half-assed Democrat.
Then he goes to the Senate and doesn't like that.
When you're done experimenting Jim, let us know, as if we cared.

Phil Cattar

Jim Webb is the only name in the hat for president that excites me.He is real.His book "Born Fighting" was fantastic.

Bill H

I too would support Jim Webb regardless of party affiliation. I would even campaign for him.

William R. Cumming


William R. Cumming

IMO Andy Virginia is one of the last real two-party states. Neither blue or red dominates.

Nancy K

I would definitely vote for Webb. I emailed his website a month or so ago begging him to run for president, after I read an article where he mentioned he may get back into politics. Big money from either side will not support him. The last thing either party wants is an honest man. What I would love to see is a Webb/Warren ticket. I would not care what name appeared first.


Wannabe cowboys in SWVa probably fell in love with faux cowboy Allen's boots rather than Webb's genuine combat boots. Check out all the ranches west of the Blue Ridge that used to be plain ole farms. The Roy Rodgers fantasy worked for Reagan and Boy Bush as even in Appalachia there was plenty of radio and cowboy for the kids from the 1930's on.


I think tv has expressed it: Webb lacks weenie appeal.

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