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21 November 2014


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Charles I

Deep State


Col: I wonder why the Iranians haven't offered to accept the same deal as Israel? They just have to say, "We will not 'introduce' nuclear weapons to the ME."

Clearly, our law is meaningless. No one is going to cut off Israel despite their clear violations.

William R. Cumming

Israel made a huge mistake going nuclear capable as time will tell IMO!

And the US continues to be a proliferator of nuclear capability!


The law is meaningless. Which makes the people's ability to make law meaningless. Which makes the democracy an empty pretense.

So then what?


Israel has never signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, w/c has been in force since 1970.


Well, I salute the efforts to cast light upon the deeds of the True Exceptional Nation, but IRMEP, along with the rest of us are sailing into the eye of a stiff and unforgiving gale of information and thought control. Witness this recent abomination if you will:


These are unpropitious times for calling out the Zionist entity, unfortunately. I'd like to think that Jim Webb might show a little independence of thought, but likely he would get the Charles Freeman treatment for his thought crimes. But who knows, The Lobby may not be invulnerable if they continue to overplay their hand.


This is not going to fly until enough Senators truly believe that Israel is going to be SAFER when it mans up and joins the NPT.

At present, Israel has to spend a lot of money and psychic energy covering up all of the trespasses it is committing against its neighbor human beings. It is bearing false witness about its nukes; about its nuke-armed submarines; about its underground factory of Dimona; about its ethnic cleansing of Bedouins and Palestinians; about over-pumping and cutting off the water to Gaza; and about the real reasons why some Arabs hate it so much. It takes much work to maintain this level of psychic dissonance. However, Israel feels that this is an existential matter of survival.

Until Israel sees that the entire world will not rise up and strangle it for what it has done, it will feel the need to continue to deny and cover up. Our Senators, likewise.

What is needed is compassion and forgiveness (but not clemency). A wise rabbi taught "God forgives us as we forgive others". Forgiving heals the witness and the victim from the demons of revenge, and lets them get on with their lives.

This was done successfully in South Africa, with the Truth & Reconciliation sessions. Murderers were allowed to talk about the horrors they inflicted, and victims about the horrors inflicted on them. Sunlight destroys vampires.

Forgiveness does not mean clemency. All things have consequences. Justice still needs to be served, to keep the balance. I don't pretend to know what that looks like--perhaps compensation payments? public apologies?--but it is a separate distracting side issue. The important thing:

When Israel joins the NPT, countries will no longer despise it for lying and cheating in this matter. It will mean a lessening of hostilities. This will be substantially cheaper and safer, both for Israel and for America. It will mean more Israeli lives saved in the long run. Think of it--a future in which it's no longer necessary to teach each Israeli "everyone hates us because we're special, so you always have to be paranoid and never trust anyone--they're all out to get you." Just imagine breathing the air of that freedom. Jew and Palestinian and Iranian, all God's Children living free under the sun without paranoia, without fear of bombs or rockets. It is a good vision.

And this is why Israel must join the NPT, so its children will no longer have to live in fear nor keep bearing false witness.

And this is why good people who love Israel, including Senators, must help it to join the NPT.


And the US contintues to protect Israle from criticism for not signing.


"Instead, another $82 billion in foreign aid was provided to Israel by unwitting U.S. taxpayers."

The attack on the USS Liberty was a heavy disturbance inflicted on the american defense system in a way that would lay open its inner workings to existent and prospective israeli agents. I'm speculating, but probably a slow, well focused decimation of competent american personell with less than subservient sympathy for israelis and jews in general was carried after the attack, based on the information acquired (technically it is no different from transient response analysis and control design, though counter-intelligence might have other names for it.)

It took time but today "between the Pentagon and the Israel Defense Forces there is an unbreakable bond." From 1967, passing through 1987 and to this day this method of disturbance followed by analysis and control is going on.

As noted by William R. Cumming, "Israel attacks America daily with its apocalyptic FP policies."

Unwitting taxpayers are nullified by willing collaborators carefully placed in influent positions inside the Defense system and its political envelope. DoD has much to hide, especially inside the counter-intelligence archives.


DoD isn't the only government entity with "...much to hide..."

William R. Cumming

IMO the US FEDERAL RESERVE and CENTRAL BANK OF ISRAEL are inextricably linked. Latest proof dual citizen Stanley Fischer, FED Vice Chairman, and former head of the ECB of Israel.

Beyond the $82B in formal foreign assistance much more in form of US bond buying of Israel bonds.

Allen Thomson

FWIW, the current issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has an article on Israel's nuclear weapons that includes a fair amount of history:



@Imagine. Would you suggest we provide mass-fellatio so the baby killers, threat to humanity can relax a tad. then we can all sing "So Happy Together" the Red Army version. Are you on weekend leave?

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

That brings us to where we are; an iron fisted oligarchy wearing the increasingly threadbare velvet gloves of consumerism and democratic forms.

Babak Makkinejad

NPT is dead.

An accumulation of events since 1991 - the latest being the disaster in Ukraine - have left the possession of nuclear weapons as the sole guarantor of state sovereignty.

The only ones who believe in it I suppose are the same ones who still have some faith and trust in UN - assorted Arab and African states.

Babak Makkinejad

I think the issue is the wisdom of promulgating laws that are unenforceable.

It is like being command: "Never issue a command that cannot be carried out."

At any rate, given the deep love of Protestants for all things Israel; it would have been best for the Law to explicitly or implicitly exempt Israel.

Note also that, however, a similar situation obtained were successive US governments certified that Pakistan did not have a nuclear weapons program.

Babak Makkinejad

I would not think it wise for any state to join NPT - it is politically abused in cases of Iran and North Korea and would be certainly abused again - until its carcass is buried for good.


"The Red Army version" ? On what fucking planet ? No, the subcultural nationalism, aka "ID politics" in entirely an invention of capitalism/liberalism

William R. Cumming

Thanks Allen for great link!


Easy there, Babak. Don't confuse Protestant fundamentalists with mainstream Protestants. The BDS movement already has the full endorsement of the Presbyterians and is advancing with the United Methodists among others.

Babak Makkinejad

I read the account of small community of Protestants in France that was sheltering some Jews; the first time a young woman sees one, she run into the house crying: "There is one of Chosen People here..."


If you want to challenge your habit of large sectarian generalizations, consider John Judis's book Genesis: Truman, American Jews and the Origins of the Arab/Israeli Conflict, or Alison Weir's recent book called "Against Our Better Judgement".

William R. Cumming

ALL: Any good books or articles on how and when US started to at least semi-officially view Israel as an ally?

Was this viewpoint caused by formal Israeli lobbying?


oofda: You make the point. Only Israel is allowed to not sign the NPT. If Iran withdrew, the US would argue that alone would justify war.

Babak Makkinejad

I did not bring about the situation in Jerusalem in which a religious war is patiently waiting to be ignited.

Who is responsible?

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