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04 November 2014


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Bill H

We do the same thing internally. Democrats refer to Republicans as "evil minded," claim that they are "stupid" and "idiots," and make the sincere claim that the Republican Party has a desire for "poor people to starve to death."

Democrat House Representative Alan Grayson proudly claims that the Republican health care plan is "die quickly."


We've all had our adventures in Fat Thumb word creativity "incestigation" in the third paragraph is hard to beat. And now, back to reading the post.


CP: I enjoyed your piece. But what about the Germans? Why do they support Maiden? Considering their huge commercial interests in the Russian Federation, why rock the boat for an economic basket case like Ukraine?

BTW,the narrative of "American Exceptionalism" is inspired by a pernicious motive: to undermine that traditional all-American habit of healthy skepticism. When things are exceptional, they can't or shouldn't be improved.

Babak Makkinejad

Read El Paise and despair of any intelligence shown by any one on the continental Europe; excellent example of Yellow Journalism.

Babak Makkinejad

The conception of the World as a cosmic struggle between Good and Evil - the Wise Lord and the Father of Lies - is rooted in Zoroastrian tradition.

To a Hindu, such a conception is slightly amusing; for he knows that the world is just a game....


considering some of the things US planned like Project A119 (nuclear test on the moon), Madman theory (Nixon) it is not really difficult get whether this over-dramatization comes from.

I remember Hillary Clinton saying putin does not have soul. That might have looked pretty good on msm headlines but think about the awkwardness when the two actually meet. Maybe she didn't felt awkward which also says somethings about her.


Please...this is 70's DC junk at best, from the days of Batman and the giant penny, a hero named Bouncing Boy, and Superdog having his own magazine.

Ex 11B

Democrat House Representative Alan Grayson proudly claims that the Republican health care plan is "die quickly."

Sounds about right. As useless as the Democratic Party is, Republicans are a disgrace. I think it is fitting that they regain the Senate just in time for the big toilet bowl to flush so they can get blamed for it. When we really needed a loyal opposition party, they were miserable failures. Sometimes groups actually live up to the stereotype. You think Fox news isn't pure propaganda? I find interesting you make no mention of that side. It's called a tell, and you are definitely living up to the stereotype of a partisan purveyor of propaganda.

Its all Kabuki Theater anyway. So go ahead and clutch pearls when Grayson calls it like it is, it don't mean nothing. The cake is baked, and every damn politician who is all about the status quo is equally to blame. I find Grayson refreshing and I find people who have bad reactions to his simple truths amusing.

Ishmael Zechariah

Col. Lang, SST;

Udo Ulfkotte's latest book:


may indicate that the stories in the European MSM are not really uncorrelated.

Ishmael Zechariah


CP: I agree with your assessment. Does the oppo perform the same ritual or is editorial permission more constrained in other countries?


Ulfkotte is a mixed bag. Read with care. There probably is a good deal to the influence taking and institutional corruption he describes. Point is, he apparently overdoes it, and is being attacked on his inaccuracies. A pity.

Book sells well, but MSM treats him as a crank at best, with a lot of insulted egos screaming against him.

One argument I read just today was that he had an impossible standard, because absention from participation in Lobby groups would mean to not have access at all. There is something to that.

Now, and then there is this:

"Pray, why ... only because I am on the 'atlantic bridge' group (or something) that doesn't mean I am not neutral when I laud a policy paper for a new German security strategy that I co-wrote without disclosing that I helped co-write it. How unfair is that?"

Well, not very unfair. And so found the court when they largely scrapped the restraining order in the curious case of ZEIT editors Bittner and Josef Joffee that they had secured against the TV show 'Die Anstalt' .

Die Anstalt had disclosed that and their transatlantic lobby affiliations and, to Joffe's and Bitner's fury, had dared to suggest the existence of a conflict of interest.

Here's the segment from the Anstalt (german)



CP -

Wonderfully written! And appallingly depressing.. I will be circulating this widely. What really bothers me is that I have many quite intelligent and thoughtful friends, none of whom have a clue what is really going on in Ukraine and the Middle East. And they all seem to accept the MSM view without question, although most have great incite on domestic issues and definitely don't see such issues in cartoon form.

I have woken a few up, but it really takes engagement and generally pictures (late stage maiden videos, etc.).


Matthew, here is one possible answer.

Top German Editor: CIA Bribing Journalists http://russia-insider.com/en/tv_politics_media_watch/2014/10/10/06-31-52pm/top_german_editor_cia_bribing_journalists


All of this stuff is rooted so deeply in human history. I'm old enough to remember the completely non-PC Popeye cartoons in the 50's. They were made in WWII and showed every Japanese combatant with giant buck teeth and coke bottle glasses. My memory tells me that it was not so for the portrayal of German or Italian soldiers, with the exception of Herr Hitler and Benito. Layers of what was tolerable bigotry, or not.


Bill H,

I think somehow you may have missed CP's point that America's enemy du jour is personalized - i.e. put into one person - not a party. And having missed that point you seem to have missed Republicans referring to Obama as the anti-Christ, the "enemy in the White House," a secret Muslim, a communist, etc. And yes, Democrats did something similar to Bush Jr.

William R. Cumming

CP! Great post!


Domestically, we engage in the same personalization of our heritage and policy-making. Most GOP candidates (at least where I live, in the Deep South) are running against Obama as if he were the be-all / end-all of political-cultural meaning for the USA.

I wonder if it has to do with the nature of "American Character", constructed from real & idealized reformed Christianity, the ruggedly independent hero, our frontier experience, a once-dynamic middle class and sheer luck. We may yet have a ways to go as a civilization.


CP, your great post answers the question posed, why are there no adults in the room. It seems that without a bi-polar world there is no need to be adult, and regression has set in - the govt shut down last year is incomprehensible to most of the world as it seems like non-adults are running the show.


True. None are blameless.

Ex 11B


There are politicians who speak truth to power and work for our benefit. Those people have no power because those who prefer the status quo make sure of that. Grayson is not in favor of the status quo,ergo he is blameless. The worse thing you can do in the cesspool of the Potomac is speak the truth. Cassandra and all that.

They're all the same is a dangerous meme because
1.They are not all the same.
2.It's an excuse to do nothing.

The best thing we could do is vote out everyone of them. But there all too many that are attached to their 'team'. So we will go out the T.S. Elliot way. If we're lucky.



I agree with this assessment. The American media has pushed “he said, she said” reporting for decades. But, discussion has now devolved into no communication at all. There is no mutual agreement on what is reality. There is no history. The West supported the dismemberment of Yugoslavia yet demands Ukraine remain united. In all intents and purposes Ukraine is a land grab at the cost of thousands of dead and wounded.

Last night on the NewsHour discussing Ukraine Stephen Cohen and Andrew Weiss aren’t on the same planet.


One blames Russia, the other Washington DC. This is a tragedy; except, the Ukraine civil war can so easily explode into WWIII. What is really scary is that there is no way to remove the neo-cons and true believers who want war. There is no responsibility for their past and future disasters.


CP...what a Marvelous exposition!

BTW, twitter has enabled the interested to track nodes of often overlapping activist networks working hard to invent, perpetuate and protect their narratives of demonization of their perceived enemies.

For Syria, those associated with the (formerly fringe) FDD/Foundation for Defense of Democracies are at the forefront of the American sector pushing regime change. They are fellow travelers with the well funded enemies of Putin operating from the platform of interpretermag.com. and their agendas are overlapping. In fact, the primaries involved in the later org are actively working to establish as a given that any counter-narratives coming from the Russians perspectives are all lies, lies and more damned lies.

Bombastic representatives from both of the above entities have become enshrined as go-to experts by their media partners; experience not required.

As far as the Obama administration goes, I see more collusion with the aforementioned entities from the DoS than from the WH. The WH has refused to perform the tasks assigned to it and is stubbornly appeasing Iran, colluding with Assad and enabling Hezbollah to avoid terrorist attacks on neighborhoods in Beirut.

The phenomenon of demonization that you have so ably described is, imo, far more fiercely, witheringly intense with regard to Assad, Putin and always, Iran than I have ever seen; including the collusion of interests that led to the war on Saddam.


BTW, it's quite impossible for me to choose which magazine cover is the ringer.....good job!


I agree with Joe100, CP. Smart piece, sharp observations.



I think that was Biden and he said it to Putin in person as joke refering to GW's peering into Vlad's "soul."

I think Vlad was probably weirded out by GW's oogling.


Personally I found Hillary calling Putin Hitler to be the height of hubris and,idiocy. IIRC the man lost family at Stalingrad.

But hey, the Left finally met a KGB agent it didnt like.

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