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17 October 2014


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Today is my second wedding anniversary, and when me and Honey did The Deed, my niece was studying in London. She "attended" the reception via Skype for a while. It was pretty boss.


Happy anniversary!


Skype is great! Today I had a wonderful hour long talk using it with my son who is studying in Europe via my cellphone app. The audio was better than a regular phone.

As a parent, however, I find it has an inverse distance rule: the further away your children are, the more the communication. With my three children who have had extended times abroad, they all seem to talk to me more on Skype than they did when they lived with me.


The NSA will be happy Colonel. They'd love to put some faces to some of the commentators on here after all this time....That was a joke if they are listening!



You think they need that? Cowboy up! pl


Thanks. My good taste and her poor judgment have really combined for the best decision I ever made.


My nephew was in the next room skyping with his parents. It sounded like they were in the room with him.

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