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26 October 2014


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The beaver

"SAS and American special forces were working along these battle zones as observers on the front lines as well as training Kurdish troops"

Now it makes sense to me as to why some faces were blurred on a TV segment on the BBC last week when a journo was travelling with some Kurdish PM and reporting on their training with arms provided by the west.

The beaver

In addition we have this piece :
"The first US service member has died in the third US-Iraq war, although not in combat, the Department of Defense says"


"Neal was a mortarman with the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment. He was part of the special Marine air-ground task force that deployed to Iraq around September, according to the 1 Marine Expeditionary Force public affairs office. He had barely been in the Marines a year, having enlisted on July 22, 2013."

John Minnerath

What we used to do.


JM et al

Amen pl


Were you really flabbergasted by the technical genius of IS and it's "desert tunnels" or were you sarcastic about that statement?



More help coming from the Australians.




"Secret tunnels"? How the long and deep are they; and how long were they in building them?

dilbert dogbert

Secret Tunnels? Is that where Saddam put his NBC?

robt willmann

I think Col. Lang was being sarcastic.


Maybe out of topic, Col., but how could Turkey designate PKK as a terrorist org. when Turkey and the PKK has an ongoing peace negotiation?



The Iranians started this tunnel movement about 3 thousand years ago, obviously as a part of their long term plan to aquire nuclear weapons.


A little frontline reporting from north of Karbala.




This was in Iraq and built evidently by IS. pl


Col: What kind of SF numbers would you need for effective advisory force?

My only concern is the larger the number, the greater the chance that IS could capture one of our guys, or one of the British.



Maybe a hundred. pl


The scale of these "tunnel" bombs is pretty amazing to me:


One would hope approaches to the Green Zone are protected by seismic sensors? How covertly can this type of activity be carried out in a modern city?




We in the west only have somewhat forgotten about military mining because of our preoccupation with faster moving mobile warfare. It is still with us, and it ought not to be considered new.

Only an idiot would call the efforts of the British tunneling companies in WW-I 'mass murder tunnels', given that they blew up the better part of the 3rd Royal Bavarian Division - more than 10.000 men - in their Messines operation.

Hamas uses tunnels? What's new about digging in, except that the Izzies can't deal like adults with the fact that their enemies are learning from failure eventually? And all the Izzies can come up with is to call these 'terror tunnels'?

The Vietnamese moved underground in reaction to US superior sensors and superior firepower. That is precisely what Hezbollah and Hamas have been doing inn reaction to Israeli sensors and firepower. Sucessfully. The Izzies in their mindless pursuit of absolute military dominance must be stark raving mad about that fact.

Likewise, an offensive mine is just a consequent application of the same skills. The Turks almost breached then walls of Vienna that way. It had worked well for them many times before.

Apparently, the battle for cities like Aleppo takes long enough for such slow tactics to be considered effective.

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