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31 October 2014


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Hmm, are members of Saddam's old intelligence service begun to work for IS?


The Twisted Genius

David Habakkuk,

Thanks for those links about David Porch. I have not read his book, but I like what he had to say to the Commons Defence Committee. I thought his advice to the Committee was a clear headed attempt to shake some sense into the politicians. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, his audience seemed akin to pigs looking at a wristwatch... a lot of curiosity, but precious little understanding.

War is an abomination and insurgencies only emphasize that reality. The COIN focus on "hearts and minds" and "clear, hold, build" are meant for public consumption and PowerPoint presentations. If you are going to engage in this business, you should be aware of that reality and be willing to fully pay the full gory price. Porch freely admits sometimes that price is worth paying, but only if you can clearly articulate the goal and the price to meet that goal.



Let us be thankful that we haven't sent MANPADS to these groups. And hopefully won't sent any to Syria in the future after this real world lesson from al-Nusra


And now Saudis have some internal "disturbances".


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