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30 October 2014


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Obama is the third and fourth terms of the Bush Administration, just the players have changed.

I get annoyed when people who were blinded by hopey changey BS try to throw Bush at me like a shield. I voted for Kerry, ffs. I never cast a vote for a Bush in my life, and likely never will.

alba etie

Who do you like for 2016 ?

Charles Dekle

I second your motion. More critical thinkers with real experience and less shiny stars.



At the beginning of the Temporary Emperor's Exceptional Reign, you asked if anyone knew him. I was talking with a neighbor recently who socializes in academic circles if she knew any one who did and she said they were friends with on of his former professors. The friend's assessment was Barack was a good man and would have been a fine city mayor, but did not believe his disposition was suited for the rough and tumble world of international politics (more popular professor than politician).



Gonna rustle some jimmies with this one but:

Sen. Ted Cruz with Sen. Jeff Sessions as head of DHS.



However I would vote for Putin in a heartbeat.


On the theory that one must follow the money, this article on Kurdish oil exports and pipeline connections to the north and to the south. http://rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/281020142 So Sunni arab portioins of Iraq/Syria are having their production disrupted especially in refined gasoline, the Kurds are linking up with new capacity. Food for thought. ... I suspect next we will see new trucking routes through Kurdish areas from Turkey to southern Iraq.

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