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03 October 2014


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"On a humorous note one must wonder how they pick the suiciders. "

Can't find the link but read an interview last week with some European idiot who went to join IS and later skipped out again.

He said that those who join and (1)don't know Arabic, (2)have no fighting experience and (3)no other valuable trade get immediately marked for suicide bombings. They even skip the basic military training and go right to indoctrination.

The guy had IT experience and was seen as valuable. He said that was what saved him.

That makes sense to me. A simple way to make use even of the useless guys while at the same time getting rid of them.


B, can you please, please find a reference for your statement? This needs to be communicated far and wide to the romantic, dreamer, idiot western Muslim youths who think joining ISIS is attractive, romantic and a bit of fun. Our police had to shoot one of these idiots Two weeks ago.


On cue to what you wrote,

"It must be convenient for a commander to have a few human bombs available for jobs like this."

Albayim, how would you feel like to be in operational command of an army where casualties are not a burden to accomplish the mission? In other words, against every instilled value, restriction and matter of conscious that agonizes a civilized commander before planning an operation? An IS commander must not have such restrictions from what we know, what do you think the value of such freedom as reflected on the battlefield as opposed to those who have. Would it count as a force multiplier?

Kamikazes, cannon fodder in any middle-ages siege army, a point guard at a jungle patrol in Vietnam, or even in WWII, say in Huertgen Forest to draw fire to locate strong points, a lead tank over dike in operation Market-Garden, there is nothing new about suicide trail-blazers in all kinds of warfare. A suicide mission in whatever form or sugar coating is about sending soldiers to certain death, both the participants and those who send them know it, over time only the ideology and the cause don different names.



Here's the link to that interview:



"All those not wanting to be a rolling martyr bomb at Hit tomorrow take one step backward!"

I love it, couldn't come up with a better place name "Hit" if I was writing a script, looking for an appropriate name to describe the ridiculousness of the whole situation.


The suicide bombers are first tested for their commitment on many dry runs, to the point that it becomes a Russian roulette for them, with comfortable odds. Imagine the addiction to adrenalin after many a false detonation...Must be akin to combat addiction. Or bomb disposal.


"Needless to say, I have been anticipating something like this. IMO this is the Sunni 5th column making preparations for action in western Baghdad."

Very ominous, for them to come out and start acting like this. Has anyone seen the movie "Is Paris Burning?"


The tactics IS employed taking over this military base is extremely efficient, given their capabilities and relative strengths of the opposing sides, can anyone come up with something better?



I suspect it makes it difficult to infiltrate agents into ISIS.


The last time I discussed this iraqi apparently used "regiments" made up by 35 tanks. I could not get an answer as to whether 3 or 4 tanks per platoon were used (I guess 3 tanks platoons and sections of two for both company and battalion HQ but that is just a WAG) and such but overall size was supposed to be that. Frankly at this point I would not be surprised if between losses and maintenance issues field strenght was actually company size, so the point may be moot.


Col. Lang, my apologies for forgetting to save or bookmark your explanation of of the point noted by Clausewitz in his term for when the impetus of an offensive or defensive situation reached its point of change. I believe I understand the concept but cannot dredge up the term. The term is very useful and applicable to what is happening in the Middle East in various places as well as in the Ukraine for many different reasons. Would you mind refreshing my memory?



"Culminating point" There is a discussion of this in my article on Jackson's Valley Campaign and the Operational level of War. pl



35 tanks, essentially the soviet model. In Arabic "katiba" means battalion and "fawj" is regiment, but they have always been loose about the difference. pl


Col., thank you

ex 11B

"That was a joke, people"

And a funny one. I have been very much enjoying your rather dry sense of humor. One of the reasons I like reading this blog.







"Jackson was beginning to prey on the psyche of the Union chain of command all the way back to Washington."

It seems the commanders of ISIS are well versed in this art. (At least in regards to preying on the psyche of the chain of command in Baghdad).



Burn the shitters or be a suicide bomb: the grunt's dilemma.

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