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05 October 2014


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Sorry but that excuse "can't see and identify" does not fit here.

This morning for example reporters and live TV on the Turkish side of the border could see and showed ISIS tanks traveling out in the open and changing positions on the eastern side of Kobane. Not just for minutes but for hours. The Kurds in Kobane do not have any tanks. Those hills on the Turkish side have an excellent overview over the north, east and west sides of Kobane. Anyone with a phone could have identified those tanks and their positions to the airjockeys.

In the afternoon the Turkish authorities had enough of the public pressure through the media and ordered everyone to leave. It was "too dangerous" there they said. The CNN and the BBC crew leaving in different vans were then both shot at with tear gas by Turkish police while they were clearly leaving. Both cars were damaged with several broken back windows and tear gas landing inside. "Too dangerous" indeed.

Some Kurds said (unconfirmed) that Turkey is pressuring the YPG to commit to joining the FSA and to fight Assad. Only then would supplies to them be allowed through the border.

There are clearly some very nasty game being played there.

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