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30 October 2014


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Mark Logan

Hank P,

The Oakland PD teetered on that same brink too. What saved them was probably their handling of the Occupiers. While less than perfect, competent enough to have, at the end, nearly all of them lining up and politely asking to be arrested. The crowd wandted to separate themselves from the hooligans... after awhile.

nick b


It appears that article has been removed. From what I was able to read while poking around, in 1970, a group of students including Eric Holder, a freshman at the time, took over the abandoned office of the Naval ROTC on the first floor of the Hartley Bldg. of Columbia Univ. The Naval ROTC program had been disbanded the year before. They demanded the office be renamed the Malcolm X Lounge, which it subsequently was. Other than the Daily Caller article, which all other sources I read cited in their own articles, I couldn't find anything to substantiate that these students, including Eric Holder, were armed. Doesn't mean it didn't happen, but I couldn't find anything about it other than in the now deleted Daily Caller article. I did read that in 1968 more aggressive, and some armed occupations of various Columbia University Buildings occurred, But Holder would have been in High School then.

Keep in mind that Eric Holder was appointed to be an Assistant Judge to the DC Superior Court by none other than Ronald Reagan. Additionally he was made US Attorney for DC by Bill Clinton. He must have been vetted many times prior to his becoming the Attorney General.



I called up that article this AM. Google Eric Holder Columbia and you will get all kinds of citations. He has been the beneficiary of EEO considerations from the system he dislikes. pl



Re: "vetting"

Yeah, Im sure the Rosenburgs were well vetted too.


Apparently Albuquerque PD is in a similar situation.



Just worked for me @21:36 EDT.

William R. Cumming

As he has done since his confirmation as AG!



Which is amazing in light of the fact he's from Barbados and he comes from a line of movers and shakers on that island.

He has been given more advantages than any white boy from Appalachia yet all he can do is bitch about how he still gets pulled over when he's speeding.

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