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02 September 2014


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Piotr, Poland

This is subjective letter from Russian language Ukrainian, freelancer living in Donetsk to Russians. It's about his lost of "Soviet conciousness" this year and growing understanding of gaping abyss between 2 nations who once were closest brothers.You can't find numbers or data there, but feelings and thoughts about society culture and history of Ukrainians and Russians.

This letter is very popular in Ukraine now, and discused between civil people very often, no metter they are proKiev or proMoscow.
It shows the State of Mind of "silent majority" in Eastern Ukraine

Patrick Bahzad

I take it you're enough of a realist to realize this is a purely hypothetical in which case I would advise you ask NATO that question ... Considering the imagination of Rasmussen I'm sure he can come up with even more creative answers to your questions then current NATO plans for the highly
Unlikely invasion of Baltic states by Russia !

Patrick Bahzad

You gonna have to ask that question to pit. He brought up the question of neocons, I was simply replying to him


Colonel Lang, I am not so much concerned about the Obama crew of Rice, Power, and Kerry but more from those who are pulling the strings. There seems to be a strong silence from the neo-cons. There is a Grand Strategy, otherwise the Ukraine would not be of much concern.

Babak Makkinejad

I take it that you do not have any plausible explanation.

Then I submit to you that mine is the most plausible; Primus has spoken and the pares have scurried around but finally have fallen in line.

Babak Makkinejad

Patrick Bahzad:

Let me restate my question:

Do you care about Tallin as much as you would care about Trieste?

Is Kiev as important as Le Havre?

Are Western Europeans willing to die on the steppes of Ukraine?

Because that is the potential prices of tweaking the Bear's nose.

If the answer to such questions are "no"; I think it will be a good idea not to try to tweak the Bears nose - under any circumstances.

Charles I

Surely by now many intell agencies are as riven by Deep Black politics and over the top clandestine dreams and corrution as their supposed political masters.

Charles I

Just as European coherence and resolve is indicated, along with a defence per capita gdp spending increase comes whispers that all is not well in the Eurozone, that house of cards snoozing all summer after spring optimism, mebbe a 100 million euro injection needed, or mebbe a whole new trillion Euro Q.E.. . . wherever did I put my tinfoil hat?

Patrick Bahzad

You're perfectly free to believe your explanation is pausible. I would consider it irrational and bordering on "conspiracy theory".
Regardless of that, I don't think anything I'll say will possibly change your mind, so I'll pass ..

Patrick Bahzad

I don't accept the premises of your question, that's why I'm not going to comment on anything that is so much way out of the realm of the probable or even the possible !
Besides, I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do ... Putin has always said he wants a peaceful way out of this, so conjuring up bloodshed and letting loose "the dogs of war" as you're doing, is not really helpful.
However, if you're asking me personally if I would be ready to fight, at peril for my own life, for a cause I believe in, the answer is yes. Have done so in the past and would do it again if called upon, "against all ennemies foreign and domestic". Hope that's a good enough answer to your question.


Seite wird geschrieben/text will writtn
Telepathic telekinesis terror
divided by telepath´s

I want warn all

Fakts are there are Telepath's and they are able to telekinesis. They can controls people by showing them that they can kill you and make you crazy.
The possibilities are only a hypothesis.

This ist the most probability possibility:
Are vou hearing ghosts demon, devil or maybe they are telling you that they are God. Maybe some people think they were becoming irradiatet from Mindcontrol weapons or rays from satelite. I think all people who can hear and /or fell that are influenced by telepath with telekinetic forces.
The telepath are able to control people by show them that they can kill you and you can do nothing because no one belief you. This will be tested at human like me to control person in politics an d economy maybe military too.

Because maybe that telepath are the cause of big problems in the world.
Everybody who knows them should talk about them. I think that a lot people are knowing about them but don´t like speak about because the telepath are lying and say:
You have to don´t speak about telepath, if you talk, talk about voice or vote don’t say the word Telepath.
Or they let you know that they can kill you.
Or: Say nothing no one will belive you you´ll get crazy.
So They have the possibility to control all

It´s important to talk about.!!!

Systematic of the evil Telepath (properties they use systematically)
-They will tell you that often and hope that´s enough that you aren’t talking about
-But you have to talk about, so you can be sure if they kill you, someone known’s about.
-There own voice
-Voices about other person in the the acoustic of all
-Voices of your friends or old friends you haven´t seen long time because they know your
< If you are talking about other person you don´t hear them loudly
-They want that you are every time in bars talking with people so they can talk about terror
maybe killing and you aren´t hearing them
-They want´s to manipulate you that no one believe you or every one think you are crazy.
-At the beginning they let you hearing only voices.
-They want that you became crazy or get into panic.
-maybe they say you a story:
We work for police you are becoming a telepath and you have bound with a lot of
People you need Neuroleptika to end the boundings you have to get them in
psychiatric clinic.
They can let feel you something like:
-Sharp pain or pressure on the heart
-burning in the lunge
-let feel dizziness
-heart throb in two different
-1st you feel the heart throb but your puls is normal (telepathic (not real))
-2nd you feel the heart throb and with them the pulst (telekinetic (is REAL))
If they want that you get a heart attack you´ll get heart throb by telekinesis.
-they know what you think about and hear them, they also know your mental stress level.
-They uses psychical traps so you´ll get crazy.
Typical Example We don´t kill you! What sure, puhh. Now he think again we don´t kill him, ha ha ha.

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