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02 September 2014


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even if this does not result in a WW III or a Russian invasion, this whole affair would change the way lot of people would look at US.

Colonel says that the things which are happening now are not part of a some "grand strategy". Given his insight, he is most likely correct. However, for the paranoid who's expecting much more sophistication from US policy makers, this may look like a "grand strategy" to protect the US Hegemony.

It would look like US has intentionally created this Ukrainian mess to hamper the growth of Russia and break the relationship between Europe and Russia. Even worse it may look like that US is pushing its Ally (the EU) to a economic abyss just to achieve its goal.

World is never going to be the same. And Russia may assert that the West or US may never allow it to rise up again. They may change their policies according to their new view, finding ways to minimize the US power (mainly economical power).



I parted company with VIPS a long time ago. pl


Your IP address is at 0/0 lat/long. Very clever. I don't like "clever." There is no Grand Strategy. There is only a simple minded belief in American exceptionalism and an ill educated desire to be the boss in everything. These people Obama/Rice/Power/Kerry are incapably of real plotting. They are puffed up children who still think history has ended. pl


dear colonel,
i didn't knew my address would show that. It's probably because of the networks I'm using (wireless dynamic IP & a organizational network). And it has more to do with economics (mine) rather than cleverness. However my country is clearly shown in the map. Since my current e-mail address is given, I did't expect my identity to be a secret.

I'm not disputing what you are saying sir. What I pointed out was for a paranoid mind/ or a less informed person this may look like a "grand-strategy".

This may be a "grand fiasco" but how would Putin or any other interested party see this? Would they see this as a "grand fiasco" or a "grand Strategy"

Bill H

Given his statement that "Russia is a regional power" and that they "do not want a war with us because our military is much larger," do you think he is operating on the premise that he can function as he wishes because Putin will posture and bluff but will not pull the trigger because he is afraid of us?

William R. Cumminh

Walrus, PL, and ALL:

Given its large membership how does NATO gather, collect, process, Intel?

Make DEMOCRACY safe for the WORLD--historian John Lukacs!


NATO does not do intelligence. the member states do. NATO headquarters does write some intelligence documents as part of its normal functions. pl



Obama and pals think that human society is now unified under American leadership and therefore, for them, Russia is a rogue state that must be disciplined. They can't grasp the idea that their view of the world is not accepted by others. pl

The beaver


Australia, so far a non-NATO ally and a member of the 'five eyes" ( formerly ECHELON) group has been invited to be a NATO partner.

and already the Australian FM is seeking to exclude Putin from the G20 meeting.


David Walsh

Well done folks.
Let us hope Angela Merkel will take note.
Otherwise we are blundering into a general war in Europe and very possibly WW3.

This was tweeted by Zbigniew Brzezinski ‏today:
China should firmly warn Putin that his reckless actions threaten global economic stability.

This man is clearly living in a twilight zone of insanity.
The reckless actions of the Washington regime, of which is a senior memeber, are putting our civilisation and our planet at risk. I applaud your courage in speaking out.

William R. Cumminh

Thanks P.L.!


David Walsh ,
Well I hope he want hold his breath until the Chinese do that.

After reading about the USG post of National security adviser, I very curious about recruitment criteria. Very few military or intelligence personal has been appointed to this position. Many advisers has been lawyers, academics, congressional aids, campaign aids so and so.


Check the latest map from kot-ivanov, which has been providing interesting maps. The coastal city of Mariopol is now surrounded. If it falls to the separatists, it would be a major blow to the Ukrainian government.


FB Ali

Col Lang,

I wonder what kind of reports Merkel is getting from her intelligence people.

I think you once said that the BND was formed from the co-opted remnants of the Gehlen organization. These agencies seem to recruit people similar to their existing cadres (eg, the old MI6). It wouldn't be surprising if they had a neo-Nazi or at least anti-Russia bent. (There was also once an outcry when they appeared to have dropped the ball on some neo-Nazi organizations in Germany).


Brigadier Ali,

I always thought (without expert knowledge admittedly) that the story was opposite. Many German aristocrats, especially Prussians, were Rossophiles (especially vis a vis the old Tsarist Russia--in some sense, the predecessors to today's Strelkovites) and made up a disproportionate share of Germany's "Russia hands," both in their military and diplomatic services. Gehlen was certainly associated with them closely, if not one of them.

Babak Makkinejad

Who do they think they are; the Al Mahdi and His Companions?

According to Shia Tradition, the Al Mahdi is supposed to emerge in Mecca, accompanied by Jesus.

Babak Makkinejad

Merkel cannot act on her own - she has to conform to what is ordered from DC.

She knows better and is well informed.

Piotr, Poland

1 Wonderfull. But do you think that European intelligences really need your letter as epiphany, to understand what happens in Ukraine? They have not their own sources in Ukraine and Russia, and have to rely on Michael Gordon's texts?
Isn't it a kind of patronizing mind?
Just a small example, how proffesional can Europeans be:
This guy from Finland is Russian weaponry expert. He was the first to call publicly Mr Putin's bluff about Crimean "green men":

2 Do you know, in 2013 Russia and Byelarus had common army
exercises where they "practiced" nuclear attack on Warsaw?
Mr Zhyrinovsky, Putin's jester,is used by Kremlin to say things unconvenient to say by those in power. Lately he's told in TV, that Russians need to think seriously about using nuclear power against one of Baltic States and one of Polish cities.
Russian bluffs? We all here hope so and pray being right about it. If not, you'd send us your deepest condolences, we know it, but clouds of dust can't read texts...

3 In 2011 NATO sources in Ukraine reported Russian GRU unusuall activity on recruitment of new ukrainian agents. So what was the first: Ms Nuland stupid words or Russian idea of "preserving Russian order using every means" in Ukraine?

4 Your ground sources about cosiderable suport for "federalists"...Are you sure? Check it up once again please.
I have not proffesional intelligence sources- just a few Ukrainians from Donetsk and Louhansk area, who live in Poland now, but left their relatives there. All say: people in Eastern UKR understand who is agresor and who is defender. Ofcourse bombed house and dead relatives is a personal drama, and it doesn't metter who's shot done it. All my Ukrainian sources (even those speaking only russian!) share feelings from this letter. Sorry, its Russian text, but absolutely worth of reading, if you want to know real sentiments there:

5 Don't know your experiences with Russians. Our, in Eastern Europe is very simple and practiced many times in history.
Want to stop Russian aggresion and save the Peace? Hit Putin between the eyes as fast and as strong as possible. Longer you hesitate and "hamletise" - the bigger the final cost will be. Russians understand the naked power very well - they use it often against us. Every "give Putin the chance" moves they interpreting as signs of weakness.
How to do it? "Use banks - not tanks!" G. Kasparov.
Why the Holy Sh.t US didn't hit Crude Oil prices strongly?
That's enough to stop Putin, before it's too late! Do the same as Reagan in 80's when agreed with Saudis, about big increase of oil production. Now you don't need Saudis you can do it on your own - you have big shale oil deposits!



I did not sign this letter and have not signed any VIPS documents for a long time. This was posted on my site by "Walrus" a guest author who is Australian. pl



"what is ordered from DC." Come on! You know very well that Merkel does not take orders from America. I thought you were a rational man. pl



You are new here and so I will explain the rules. This is not "the press." There is no freedom of the press here. This site (SST) is altogether my property. I approve any comments that will be posted before they are posted. those who are guest authors here can approve comments on their own material. The basic rule here is that all discussion must be civil and polite. Sneering, unnecessary foul language and bad manners are not allowed. If you breach these rules repeatedly I will ban you from the site. pl

Seamus Padraig

A Ukrainian Pravda article is not going to be a very objective source on Ukraine. What about UN High Commission for Refugees, which recently estimated most people (about 800,000) who are fleeing East Ukraine are fleeing INTO Russia? Although the Ukrainian Govt. has established some corridors for them to flee westward, that number is much smaller and shrinking. So if they were afraid of the Russians, why would they be headed to Russia?


Norbert M Salamon

RT has a note that the M17 preliminary report will be presented next week at the latest, with rest in a year and Dutch investigators will visit the crash site for further investigation- if no military issues there.

Babak Makkinejad

Respectfully, I stand by what I wrote.

The Primus has spoken and the Pares have fallen in line.

Merkel - left to herself - could have settled this with Russia - but evidently she was not supported in her efforts.

And she cannot clearly break from whatever political constraint on her as the Chancellor of Germany in an alliance in which she is a pares.

None of the other pares are doing anything to oppose this mad contention for the control of Ukraine.



Deciding to follow DC's lead is not the same thing as being ordered to do so. i imagine she would be popular in Germany for refusing to follow Washington's lead. pl

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