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10 September 2014


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We pay Israel to be our watchdog in the region, don't we?

Why isn't Israel mentioned as a key contributor to the defense of "US interests"?



If you are that rich put some money in my piggy bank. Israel is not mentioned because their participation alongside us against a Sunni enemy will solidify all Sunni feeling against us. pl



It appears to me from the seeing the speech and reading the transcript that the President and his advisors do not understand the role of religion in the ISIS movement.


Are you saying, then, that Israel is NOT in a position to act as the US watchdog in the region; their purpose is to sit there and look democratic? golly goshes.

So why do we pay all that money to Israel, if they have to be paid to stay out of the war, as in Persian Gulf I; they can't support us in this go-round; and the only battles Israel seems to use their/our military assets for is to fight civilians armed with stones & bottle-rockets.



Oh, come on! You know damned well that we give Israel money because AIPAC and company successfully lobby for it. They don't do a damned thing for us and never did. Catch up on the game here or shut up. pl


I'm not that naive, Col. Lang; my comments were attempts at irony, used in a vain attempt to mask the utter depths of my cynicism.

Apologies, and I'll shut up on this forum (on that topic) to save my outrage for other efforts to slash US taxpayer funding of Israel.


I thought the President had and gave a very good speech. I appreciated the time and effort he gave to attempting to lift up the American resolve. Obama is good at this type of thing.
Where I'm concerned is the level of participation of other nations is weak at best. Without participation of Russia or China in this effort the theory of Bth is the best outlook of our future efforts. If it goes South then we have nothing left than to Securely close our borders.

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