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27 September 2014


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Well PL I would argue the Greeks in the classical period started the discipline of polysci but then it makes no difference because your post is grounded in reality. Recognition of tribal status was used in the American landscape to defeat the native Americans militarily. This tradition should not be lost in central Asia. Only long-term and I mean really long term demographics is likely to tell in Central Asia because even energy supplies is a relatively short term lesson. So question, what should the strategy be when in essentially a no-man's land it is possible with modern technology to foment trouble for the "Civilized" world? Just recognize the tribes and go for the lesser evil? Try and improve infrastructure? Medicine? Food? Shelter? Or is it just a place where the civilized world leaves a cultural wasteland with a very very watchful eye out for potential trouble? And of course is it someone else's problem or just the "Great Satan's"? I don't have the answers but hope someone smarter does have them.

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