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07 September 2014


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And where does General Shinseki go to get his reputation back? Not from those in Congress who were ranting so loudly.

Spot-on about the media and the American public's "lemming-like drive to self-deception."


They were hoping to draw Obama's blood; Shinseki took the bullet.


Taking out Shinseki was just another step in the long range plan to destroy public services so the money sleeze can get their grubby hands into areas they haven't already captured.

IMO of course.



The VA scandal was much ado about nothing unless you were a Vet in Arizona and other places with inadequate staffing and facilities. But, it sure did blow up and then quickly disappeared. Congress can act if it wants and it quickly passed and the President signed the 17 billion dollar VA overhaul into law in August. I am not sure why. I think it was mainly to put a foot in the door on the way to privatization of the VA System. Plus, the basic human instinct of us versus them is at play. The whole endless industrial war effort collapses if youngsters figure out that war is a racket. The world is overrun with others; Russians and Sunni Muslims; almost half of the world. This pretty much guarantees plenty more veterans for VA to treat.

Laura Wilson

Curtis--I'm sure you are correct. Some "lemming like" want to privatize everything from the military to our polling places. Give me a decent civil servant any day or an army cook who cares about the soldiers he feeds.

Laura Wilson

VeitnamVet--Arizona pretty much says it all.

Peter Brownlee

Sadly, it's not only in the US, it's all politics and that of a particularly crude, reckless and revolting kind.

Old Gun Pilot

I couldn't agree more. Unlike some other Chiefs of Staff he was a worthy successor to sit in George Marshall's chair. (Although I'm still pissed at the black beret, or Monica hat as we called it).

Charles Dekle

Col Lang,
General Shinseki is a good man and a good soldier. Unfortunately, very few of our political leadership are good and damn fewer of them have been soldiers. His treatment was beyond reprehensible.

Charles Dekle

I especially blame the hippies for pushing soccer in America. :-)



IMHO as well. Yes...destroy the VA like they are destroying the US Postal Service what gave veterans preference in hiring.


During Shinseki's testimony before the US Senate Armed Forces Committee in the lead up the the Iraq War, there was a White House goon sitting next to the General correcting Shinseki's "erroneous" projections of needed force for occupation. It was disgusting the way the Bushies treated him, and Obama is no different.


Privatizing the VA would be a bonanza.

different clue

Vietnam Vet,

How do you and/or the veterans you know and/or know of . . . feel about the profitization and Obamacare-ification of every person and facility in the VA system? Are enough veterans against it to where they could make it a Third Rail issue in the next round of Congressional Campaigns?

How many currently serving and/or retired career military people would object to having Tri-Care abolished and having the money voucherised to all the covered individuals who would then be consigned to the tender care of the Obamacare Insurance Marketplaces? Would enough object to that to be able to turn it into a Third Rail issue in the coming Congressional Campaigns?

One of Obama's primary reasons to seek the steady attrition and destruction of Medicare, VA system, and Tri-Care is to remove them from public view as superior alternative examples to Obamacare. Margaret Thatcher used to say "There Is No Alternative" to forced Thatcherism, and she and her tories worked to destroy every trace of alternatives so there would indeed be none. Obama and his Insurance Industry owner-sponsors hope to create a TINA situation here, and as long as Medicare, VA system, and TriCare continue to exist as visibly better-working alternatives to Obamacare, they will continue to inspire rebellion against Obamacare by the force of their example. So the Obamazoids and the Insurazoids will of course take a "stalinist approach" to the continuing existence of better alternatives.

"If a better alternative is giving you problems, you eliminate the better alternative to eliminate the problems. No alternative, no problem."
--Barack Hussein Ostalin



for whom? pl


Thank-you PL for standing up for Shinseki. He is an honorable man that has served US interests. Tragic that he was turned into the fall guy for that VA mess. I have worked all of my career in different medical schools where we have interacted with doctors employed in VA hospitals. It has been clear for decades that those hospitals have been very severely underfunded. I have been hearing complaints about this for 25 years. I think we should all be pissed off that Obama appointed one true American patriot to lead such dis-functional agency and then throw him to the wolves when it became clear that the whole system was broken in the first place.

mistah charley, ph.d.


I believe you are quite correct - the destruction of "the commonwealth" is their long term goal - I was born in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, schooled as a child and adolescent in the Commonwealth of Virginia - the concept of a good shared by all is beyond the ken of the devotees of Ayn Rand and all those who worship Mammon.


Neocons have been out for Shinseki's blood ever since he spoke the truth in the lead-up to the Iraq war. Long memories--not for nothing is the Republican mascot an elephant.

Chris Hunt

FWIW, since 2005 the VA Phx hospital and clinics have been my primary healthcare facility. I've been treated for kidney stones, a possible emergency cardiac issue (diagnosed as pneumonia) as well as diabetic and routine preventative issues. I have never been treated with anything other than the utmost respect and fine medical care and never have I felt I had received anything other than timely attention. I HAVE witnessed numerous situations where the VA admin and medical staff suffered verbal abuse and petty complaints by those they are serving. Surely there are problem areas as there are in other healthcare facilities. I salute those I have come in contact with and always let them know my appreciation.

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