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29 September 2014


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The infamous, unstopping, sealed train carrying Lenin, like a dangerous virus, from Switzerland through Germany, "releasing" him into Russia!

Again a good comparison to the support given to Islamic radicals by those from the Gulf states. Like Germany in WWI, these Gulf state actors may never have realized how dangerous to their own survival their "virus" would become.

mistah charley, ph.d.

In reply to Nancy K

1)I would not be surprised if Chris Christie's star rises again.

2)I WOULD be surprised if whoever is elected president, from either party, has a substantially different foreign policy than is currently being pursued.



Yes, the use of statistics for an agenda. Someone should run against the BS and call out some of these Senators and members of Congress pushing this line.

Babak Makkinejad

There is also this:

Shale Oil & Fracking are only viable economically if crude oile prices remain above $ 70.

Oil embargoes against Iran, Russia, Syria help US and Canada as they take oil off the market.

And then there is the wobbly oil production in Libya.

The rest of the world, in effect, is subsidizing the alternative oil production of US and Canada.

different clue


Clinton and company started some major economic destruction with their NAFTA, WTO membership, and MFN for China, as well as signing repeal of Glass-Steagall, the Commodities Trading Modernization Act, the Telecommunications Reform Act, etc.


Jim Rickards http://moneymappress.com/category/members-only/money-map-report/# provides some insights into the entanglement of US economic situation and the ability of Saudis to demand Obama's acquiescence to their demands that ISIL in Syria be "degraded and destroyed" -- ISIL is more a threat to the royals than to any USAian. To keep the petrodollar dominant, and Wall Street and therefore baby boomer retirement accounts & pension funds afloat, Obama must keep the royals on their thrones and "degrade and destroy" those nasty Arab Street people who seek a say in their own governance.

I wonder why the Murdochians have not repeated "Sonnenfeldt & Kissinger made a deal with the Saudi royals" as often as they have said, "Beheadings! Barbaric!".

Zionists & neocons are fully onboard the 'strategy' in the way that both groups love best -- as night flowers that benefit from actions without having to actively participate or even show their colors. As Milton Friedman said in a speech in Chicago the day he was announced as winner of Nobel, Zionists have always thrived by exploiting niches. http://www.law.uchicago.edu/node/2052



Thanks for your Turkish analogy, which reminds me of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Power_Elite.

"Maybe there is no hope of eradicating the dark forces and Darth Vaders of the universe."

The belief in progress dies hard.

The Battles of Horus and Seth http://www.egyptartsite.com/battle.html

Charles Dekle

Of course you are correct. I let my natural optimism get in the way of my better judgement. :-)



They are probing all around the Baghdad defensive belt. pl


Anna Marina,

yes indeed. I'll probably be thrown off of the liberal cocktail party circuit when I bring this up.


Different Clue,

Absolutely!! Add the attack on Kosovo to your list.

However, things were made much worse by Cheney and his cabal.

Richard Armstrong


Thank you very much for expressing the thoughts I have had for some time. Should IS come to dominate and rule all of the ME I have a hard time seeing how that would negatively affect the United States. In order to be of value oil must be sold. Oil is sold on a global market - it would be impossible for IS to prohibit the sale of its oil to the United States.

Additionally, like the English in the 19th century the United States "rules the waves". Oil tankers must sail on those seas and they do so because we allow them to. If the United States chose to the interdiction and confiscation of those tankers would be a very simple matter. It would also be a completely legal matter if Congress would grow a pair and actually declare war on IS.

different clue

Well . . . yes. And things have been made even more worser by Obama and his owner/handlers on the one hand and his ILKiddies on the other.
I hope we don't end up electing a President who will build upon the Obama legacy to make things even mucher more worserer.

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