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19 September 2014


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FB Ali, I wholeheartedly agree with your synopsis.
Large, bureaucratic government structures appear incapable of addressing the nature and magnitude of the climate, demographic, and resource problems that we collectively confront.

Because the policy elites are most closely wedded to these government structures, it's easy to despair that we are caught in a doom loop. (Things like the growing readership of SST give me glimmers of hope.)

You may find the link to a David Stockman essay noted earlier in this thread to be of interest: when the former budget director for Ronald Reagan calls out the neocons for their blind stupidity in 'dissing' Iran, it's clear that the public conversation is shifting.
As a Japanese friend of mine might say, "the basement is shaking." (The first signs of earthquake appear in the deepest parts of a building.)


In the Nazi example Germany was defeated after six years of war. Do you think it reasonable to say that the populations they harnessed were more docile than Sunni Arabs who've had daughters and wives violated and beloved shrines leveled?

As far as Ireland, might makes right, and I would guess they were without weaponry or numbers to take up for themselves. Moderate Sunnis in Iraq/Syria will surely have their military needs met through various means.

I've said previously I think a Sunni state has been long in coming, but not the IS way. You have predicted upwards of 40 years dominance, but as we see the Israeli oppression of Palestinians unraveling, I wonder if IS will stand up to world scrutiny.

Richard Armstrong


I agree with you that the United States does not have a dog in this race. Our presence and activities in that region are both dangerous and foolish for the reasons you have listed and more.

ISIS or ISIL if you prefer does not pose an existential threat to the United State and will probably never have that capability. With they ever be able to make an attack on American soil? Perhaps but so what? Since the perpetrators will be certainly hunted down and killed or arrested and brought to justice waging a war is unnecessary, undesirable and counterproductive.

Second only the the attacks of 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing did not pose an existential threat to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County or the State of Oklahoma. Oklahoma certainly did not go to war with Kansas where to plot was formed and from where the attack was launched.

The terrorists were hunted down, arrested and either executed or imprisoned for life without parole. Rather appropriate without using their acts as an excuse for war.

Oklahomans, almost to a man, view the people who wet their pants over actual or potential terrorist attacks in a very, very negative light..

If I may speak as an Oklahoma "nationalist" the Oklahoma National Guard has much more combined arms capability than the Kansas National Guard and if the 1st INF DIV stayed out of the fight would make quick work of Kansas. Certainly the 1st ID would provide Kansas with "advisors" and we all know where that can lead.


Richard Armstrong

The steaks at the Cattleman's Steak House near the stockyards are really terrible. Sorry , Ciernan. The lambs' balls are quite good. Anyone can take fresh beef run it through a tenderizer and then saturate it in melted butter. A piece of shoe leather will taste good if you do that.

OTOH, IS IS a threat to the US. They have world wide ambitions and will need to make a point. No terrorist group is an existential threat to the US. That is "sissy" talk. OTOH if you are at the point of action they would be a big threat. pl



Thanks for sharing that. His coments on Iraq and Kuwait reminded of what I've read In The Fire This Time.
I never heard anyone int he msm talking about the theft of Iraqi oil by Kuwait.

Babak Makkinejd

In regards to Germany in Europe; yes, I would state categorically that German rule over Europe was largely accepted by the occupied countries' populations.

The racial doctrines of NAZIs and their fellow-travelers were widely believed in by tens of millions of Europeans; from Galicia to Vichy.

May be Europeans did not like their methods but agreed with the basic tenets and aims.

[I am excepting a few Catholics and the Communists; who seemed to had been the only people actually fighting against the Occupation/]

Likewise for ISIS, there is not qualitative difference between its practices and what would be normative in any Sunni School. If there were, we would have heard such differences articulated by the Sunni Doctors of Religious Science of Islam as the theoretical basis of opposing ISIS.

We have not heard anything.

So, may be many Sunni Arabs disagree with ISIS methods but not its aims - I mean all these millions of people living under ISIS rule could flee, no? In Afghanistan million fled to Iran and Pakistan.

I just do not see how ISIS could be defeated in two countries without the application of combined arms for years & years.

Who is going to do the fighting to retake Raqqa, or Mosul or Tikrit?

A thousand years ago there was a slave rebellion in Southern Iraq that lasted 20 years.

ISIS could become a state; watch when the print their own currency - like Puntland. Then it will have to be recognized.

Israeli oppression of Palestinians is not unravelling - in my opinion, why do you say that?

Richard Armstrong

A restaurant in a western American city hired a Fench chef. When a customer ordered calf fries, the owner had to explain what they were and how the should be prepared, likewise for an order of lamb fries.

When an order for french fries came into the kitchen the chef quit.


"So, may be many Sunni Arabs disagree with ISIS methods but not its aims - I mean all these millions of people living under ISIS rule could flee, no?"

To where? South and east does not look promising, Lebanon has returned refugees to Syria. Jordan must be chock full. Something tells me Turkey will not be welcoming those fleeing the IS, especially as they are now allowing Kurdish refugees in.

The excellent article you posted caused me to remember the morality police in Iraq post-2003. Cutting off fingers of smokers, etc. Iraq was secular before before the war, so I think there are many who will resent the oppression. As I said, IMO there will many happy to supply arms for their liberation.

I don't deny IS could become a state, but I think they will troubled by internal conflicts.

As far as Israel, I'm under the impression that world scrutiny is pressuring them to come to an accommodation with the Palestinians, a la South Africa.



Does he has prior knowledge of who is really staging this.


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