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09 August 2014


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Lord Curzon

Really? With the Iraqi Army all but finished, the Shia militias a speed bump in the way of ISIS moving on Baghdad, who is left to defend the shrines?

Babak Makkinejad

Iran will not send armored columns into Iraq.



Moon of Alabama is run by "b" who comments here regularly.



"Chuck, Moon of Alabama is run by "b" who comments here regularly." I am thinking that over. pl


If anyone is in the Nashville area I will be there for business from the 26th to the 28th of September to promote my writing. If someone from SST wants to meet, I'll spot them a drink.

cau xang

look up billmon


Thanks for the direction.


Cau Xang

"billmon" He has returned? pl

Charles Dekle

Hi Tyler,
I did not know that you are a writer. Cool. Science Fiction?



I'll send a few potential readers your way. If I'm in town I'll let you know.


Yes. To wit: Intelligent dinosaurs and humans fight aliens in the future.


Please do. I'd be glad to meet you.


Same here. I'm actually in town for business end of August. I may be able to swing flight if work doesn't take me elsewhere.


Col. sir,

I just hope commenting here (for so long) hasn't (already) cost yours truly "possible employment opportunities"...

William R. Cumming

If one had a crystal ball [I don't], and only one investment strategy for a nation-state was allowed between its military vis a vis its infrastructure including education, which strategy is more likely to see its survival to 2100?

Are we moving from a nation-state system to a city state system given the number of cities likely to have 25M or more in population even by 2050? What will governance and security look like in these mega-cities by century end?

Charles Dekle

Sounds like a major movie to me. Good luck. When you write the screen play, I would be happy to play an old engineer on the battle ship repairing the laser batteries just in time. :-)

different clue

Totally different subject, but here is what claims to be a photo of Nassim Taleb's little list of sins.


To quote Admiral Beatty " 'There is something wrong with our ships', 'And something wrong with our system'." Read the latest sad news from the USN.


Why is any officers on that ship above the rank of Lt. j.g. still commissioned? None of the chiefs could get a message to the squadron commander? Obama must be proud.

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